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because a proper fraction is less than1 and a mixed fraction is greater than 1

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Q: Why can't we convert a proper fraction to a mixed fraction?
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Why cant a mixed number be converted to a proper fraction?

because u cant

How do you convert decimal to lowest term fraction or mixed number?

Divide till you cant divide evenly

How do you change a common fraction into a mixed number?

If its not an improper fraction then you cant....

What is 4.9 as a fraction or mixed number?

49/100 first answer real answer... 49/10 as a fraction 4 and 9/10 mixed number * cant write 4.9 over1 because you cant have decimal

How do you convert a fraction into meters?

You cant. Your question does not contain enough information for us to provide you with a reasonable answer.

What is 80357142857 in a fraction?

this is a whole number it cant exactly be put into a fraction at least not a proper fraction but you could say like 80357142857/1 or something along the lines of 160714285714/2

How do you convert percents into fractions with odd numbers?

Any % can be converted to a fraction 26%=26/100 then u see if u can simplify or if u cant then thats the fraction

How do you convert 13 into a mixed number?

13 is a whole number right now. It cant be changed into a mixed number 13 0/1 is a way you can put it into a mixed number but this is nonsense because you dont even needto 0/1

How do you simplify a mixed number with improper fraction?

Divide the denominator (bottom number) into the whole number , and then add that to the numerator (top number) . if you cant sinplify, leave it...

Why cant you convert fahrenheit to kelvin?

You can.

Can a mixed number be equal to 2?

no it cant

How do you separate salt and water when there mixed?

You cant

What is 2.37 as a fraction?

237/100 it cant be simplified and still kept a fraction

How do you find the fraction of 0.875?

it does not have fraction because when changed to a percent it is 87.5, since the .5 is there it cant be a fraction

How do you change a fraction to a improper fraction?

Well, you cant put just any fraction into a improper fraction it has to be a mixed number like 9 and 4/10 first you multiply 10 by 9 and then add 4, that is your numerator(top), the denominator(bottom) is still 10 so it would be 94/10. hope this helps!

How do you write 11 as an improper fraction?

you cant

How do you convert from length into kilograms?

length is not a measurement therefore you cant convert it into KM.

How do you convert time to miles?

you cant convert a measure of time into a measure of distance..

How is dividing mixed numbers like dividing fractions?

you cant divide mixed numbers

How do you convert foot into square foot?

you cant

How do you convert video into screensaver?

as far as i know you cant, just convert the video to different formats or a picture. as the screensaver, i think u cant.

What is 16 converted into fraction?

16/1 *The dash is the fraction bar; I cant find a real fraction bar on my keyboard

Is 35 over 22 as a fraction simplified?

i cant can you

What is the fraction for 0.493?

493/1000 (cant be reduced)

How do you change 9 into a fraction?

you really cant change nine to a fraction at least thats what I know