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Because There is always the little sliver that it doesnt cover

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Q: Why can't you use regular pentagons to tile an area?
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Is it possible to tile a floor with a pentagons?

Not with regular pentagons because each interior angle is 108 degrees which is not a factor of 360 degrees

Can a regular pentagon be used to tile a floor?

No, not if your floor is flat. Regular pentagons do not tile the plane. You will always end up with empty space. You would need to use some other shapes too (or irregular pentagons)

Why do some pentagons tile the plane and others don't?

Well, pentagons that tile a plane need to have angles and side lengths that have one or more in the shape.

Can a regular pentagon and regular hexagon tile together in a plane?

Yes it can tile. * * * * * No, they cannot.

How do you figure out how much room each tile takes for a math problem?

Find the area of the tile and this will depend on the shape of the tile. Tiles for regular or semi-regular tessellation may be triangular, quadrilateral (square, rectangular, rhombic, parallelograms, trapeziums), hexagonal or octagonal. The formula for the area in each case, is likely to be different.

Does a regular pentagon tile the plane?


Can Regular pentagon tile the plane?


Which regular polygons will not tile a surface?

An [equilateral] triangle, square and hexagon are the only regular polygons which, by themselves, will tile a surface.

Can a regular triangle tile a plane?


Can a heptagon tile with others?

Not regular heptagons.

Will a square and regular octagon tile?


Will a square and a regular heptagon tile a plane?


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