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Sound waves have a longer wavelength which allows them to bend around corners more than light waves.

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Q: Why can you hear around corners but cannot see around corners?
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Can you see around corners?

Using a mirror or any form of TIR yes you can, but unfortunately the human eye cannot see around corners.

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Why can you hear your friends gossiping even when they are standing around a corner but cannot see them until you have walked thiere

Worms cannot see or hear true or false?

Worms cannot see or hear

Why can't we see around corners diagram?

Cause th3re corners

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Why you can hear a sound around a corner?

I suggest you play in the bathtub. Sound moves in the same way that waves move on the surface of the water. You will SEE how sound goes round corners.

Why do children think that you see when rays from your eyes hit an object?

Because the reality is the opposite, some may get confused if it is explained to them without the proper background knowledge. The main reason might be that "you see the object, it doesn't get seen by you" - I am looking at the object, so I must be doing something to it, not the other way round, and the fact that we cannot see around corners can be explained by assuming that the 'vision rays' cannot go around corners.

Do dogs get scared when they see something you cannot see?

Since dogs can hear high pitched sounds humans cannot hear, it is more likely a dog becomes frightened or upset from something the dog hears that you cannot hear.

Why can you see sunlight but cannot hear it?

It is rays of light

What phenomenon do people see in and around the four corners?

Is it the Aroura Borealis

Why can you not see round corners?

All electromagnetic radiation from VHF and higher frequencies (including visible light) travels only in straight lines. However these frequencies will reflect off certain surfaces, one surface that visible light reflects off is a mirror, which if properly arranged can be used to see around corners.

What cannot be touch see feel hear but exist?

Answer : Emotion