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Whole numbers ending in 8 are even numbers. All even numbers except for 2 are composite numbers.

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Q: Why cant a whole number ending in 8 be prime?
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Why is 169 not a prime number?

169 is not a prime number because it cant be evenly divided.

What is the prime factorization of 293?

293 is a prime number, therefore the prime factorization of it would be 293, you cant do 293x1 because 1 is NOT a prime number therefore you cant do it because it wouldn't b a prime factorization that is your answer

Why is 135 a composite number?

If 135 was a prime number its only factors would be 1 and 135, but by ending in a 5 that means 5 is a factor which means it cant be a prime number, so its factors are atleast (may be more) 1,5,27,135 which makes it composite.

Which even number is a prime?

2 is an even but prime number because it cant be divided by its self or by any other number.

Why cant number 5 be a prime number?

But 5 is a prime number because it has only two factors which are itself and one

Why cant 2 and 3 be two consecutive whole numbers be prime numbers?

2 and 3 are prime numbers.

What is a prime number and how do to find them?

13 is a prime number because u cant find 13 as a product on a multiplication!

Why is it possible to change a whole into a mixed number?

If you have a whole number it cant be a mixed number that's just silly.

How can you use a models to tell if a number is prime or composite?

you cant

What is the difference between odd nos and prime nos?

odd is a number you cant halve a prime number is a number that you can double itself and it is odd

Why cant you multiply with just a whole number?

You can, in the right circumstances.

What is the Factor tree for 90?

a factor is actually like a tree with branches.just divide 90 by prime whole numbers until you get all prime numbers.first divide 90 by 290/2 = 45 [2 is a prime whole number]45/5 = 9 [5 is a prime whole number]9/3 = 3 [3 is a prime whole number]since your last number is 3 you cant divide anymore to get a smaller prime whole now use the numbers you have... 90,45,9,2,3,3, and 5 to make your factor tree.start with 90 at top. make two branches with 45 and 2 on the ends. make two more branches from 45 with 9 and 2 on the ends. make two more branches from the 9 with a 3 and 3 on the ends. all of the ends of your branches now have prime whole numbers and you are finish!9045,215,3,25,3,3,2

Why cant even numbers be prime?

A prime number is any number that only has one and itself as factors. By definition even numbers have a factor of two. However, there is one number that is prime and even: the number 2.

Could an even number bigger than 2 be a prime number?

no because if it is a even number it cannot be a prime number whether its biger or smaller that two so no it cant

Why cant an even number be a prime number?

2 is even. 2 is prime. Any other even number has 2 as a factor, so it has too many factors to be prime.

Factorization of 91?

Its a prime number and cant be factored except by itself or one

How do you express a remainder as a whole number? really cant do tht

What is the smallest number that has prime factors of 2 5 and 7?

70 is the smallest number that has prime factors of 2,5 and 7

What is the prim number of 54?

prime numbershi prime numbers are not in the time tabal some children get stauk on them, LIKE a nume 4 is an sqere number it cant be a prime number thads what pepol get stuk on.all the numbers in the time tabal WIIL NOT BE A PRIME NUMBER.

Is 156 a prime number?

No it is not because it ends in 2 4 6 or 8 so it cant be prime it can be divided by 2

What is 739 divisible by?

739 is a prime number.

Is 31 divisible by 2?

well yes, but you wil get a decimal number, not a whole number because you cant divide a odd number by an even number and get a whole number, 15.5 is the correct answer

Is 61 a prime number and why?

because you cant do anything times anything and get sixty one

Why is valency of an element is always a whole number?

because you cant have a partial electron

What number's cant a prime number end in why?

Other than 2, no prime numbers are even. So prime numbers can't end in even numbers. After 5, no prime number can end in 5. After 5, all prime numbers end in 1, 3, 7 or 9.