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But Irrational Numbers are decimals that can't be expressed as fractions

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Q: Why cant irrational numbers be represented in decimal form?
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Why cant irrational number be presented as a decimal?

All irrational numbers are non-terminating decimals that can't be expressed as fractions

How do you know if a decimal is rational or irrational.?

rational decimals can be converted to a fraction example 0.2 irrational numbers cant be converted to a decimal like pi and √2

What is a number that cant be written as a fraction or decimal?

Irrational, possibly transcendental

Real numbers that cant be expressed as a quotient of two integers?

irrational number

Can the difference of two irrational numbers can be rational?

No irrational numbers don't have patterns and cant be expressed as a ratio so you cant even subtract the number. Ex: 22/7 - sqrt(2), you wont be able to find the difference since you cant even put it in a complete number.

-5 is a rational number?

yes, rational numbers are numbers that can be formed as a fraction hence -5/1 even with a minus sign on it irrational numbers are surd numbers, numbers that cant be expressed as a fraction

What does irrational?

irrational means something that cant make a fraction !!1

What are the natrual numbers?

its when you have a number starting at 1 and it works its way up to infiniti and cant be a negative or decimal etc.

What is an irrational number between 5 to 10?

An irrational number is a number that cannot be expressed as a fraction. So whole numbers and fractions are out. You can then just make a number like 6.34298374923743333333. You put a bar over the 3 so it repeats, and the number cant be expressed as a fraction, makin git an irrational number.

Is 1 8 the decimal for 0.12?

No, 1 8 cant be a decimal.

Are irrational numbers real numbers?

A mathematical approach:Yes they are. Irrational numbers are very real, for example - the square root of two - which is irrational (but can be plotted in a number line without difficulty with a compass and straight edge). All numbers you can think of (even if you cant white them out) are real numbers.They are real, but they can't be expressed as fractions.A philosophical approach:According to ME, there should be a limit. If there is a number which is not ending, we can't say that it is a number because it has not ended yet, its not a complete number. That's why, any number which is not ending is not a number, so irrational numbers and some rational numbers are not numbers and we can't plot them on real line, no matter how much depth we are into it. If there is a number 1.0000... (100 million 0's) ...1, we can plot it by dividing real line into required many parts but we cant plot a number like 1.1111....1111....(up to, we don't know), actually that's not a number yet.Maths should be changed.

How do you change 0.5 to a decimal?

0.5 is a decimal so therefore you cant change a decimal to a decimal. But, 0.5 as a number is 5.

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