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Q: Why change when the color of blood 30 feet under water?
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Does blood change color in salt water?

Blood does not change color in salt water. The color of blood is due to the presence of hemoglobin, which gives it a red hue. The color does not change based on the type of liquid it is in.

Is blood green under water?

No, blood is not green under water; it remains red. The misconception that blood turns green under water likely comes from the fact that as light passes through water, it can give a slight greenish hue to objects, but this does not change the color of blood. Blood appears red because of the way light is absorbed and reflected by the hemoglobin in our blood cells.

If you change the color of the vinegar does it change the color of the pickle?

No, changing the color of the vinegar will not change the color of the pickle. The color of the pickle is mainly determined by the type of vegetables used and the pickling process, not the color of the vinegar.

Does the color change when water evaporates?

The color is not changed.

Can lake water change hair color?

Lake water could potentially change hair color if it contains oxidizers like iron. Chlorine in any type of water can also change hair color.

Can you change a seeds color with food die and have it grow that color?

if you just change the seeds color it will on grow that color ou need to water it with water of that color. fot example if you wanted a flower with blue you would add blue food coloring to the water when you water it. and the intire plant will not be that color for the most part only the veins will change color.

What factor can change a color of minerals?

Air, water, and impurities can change the color of a mineral.

What factors can change the color of a mineral?

Air, water, and impurities can change the color of a mineral.

Is food color is dropped into water to give it color a chemical change?

no, a physical change

Will cactus change color if you dye the water?

Plants absorb water for hydration and nutrient intake, but the dye particles are unlikely to be absorbed by the cactus to affect its color. The color change in the cactus would not occur simply by dyeing the water it absorbs.

Air and water can change the color of a mineral. What other factor can change it's color?

impurities can

How do hot wheels change color?

by painting it. Some change color in certain temperatures of water.