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Q: Why did the pirate study hard to get an A on the test?
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How do you get good marks for a hard test?

Study hard before the test.

Is the selective test hard?

if you study hard and you can do it it's not hard

How hard is the Virginia motorcycle license test?

The motorcycle license test in Virgina is not hard if you study. The DMV will give you a book to study.

What do you have to do if you are going to have an 11plus test?

you will have to study hard

How do you pass a dxm test?

study hard

How do you study for dwp test?

You can study hard! :D go get em.

Is the drivers ed test hard?

It is almost impossible. Study hard!

How can you pass inter slection service board test?

Study. Study very hard. Study very, very hard. Oh, did I say study?

Is the NY 5 grade state test hard?

no, the only answer i have if you study hard, and yes if you dont care and did not study

How can I pass a body hair test?

Study really hard.

How do you prepare for UC placement test?

you have to study really hard

How do you pass a hard math test?

One word: STUDY.