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Q: Why did they put people in boxes?
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Why do people advertise with leaflets?

It can be put in mail boxes and people will there for read them. it gets good publicity

What does digging to his window boxes mean?

in the south people build boxes under their windows and put flowers in them and that's called window boxes and this expression just means that the guy plants window boxes

What are trinket boxes and where can you get them?

Trinket boxes are small, decorated boxes where people put their valuables such as jewelry, pictures, lockets, or other small items. You can surely purchase these boxes online, or you may find them at an antique shop.

How do you get a six pack for people who have four pack?

put a 2 small boxes in your body

Where are some places to look for people who will happily pack boxes full of products?

If one is looking for people to pack boxes, then one can put an advertisement online or in the classifieds section of the newspaper for people looking for work.

Does anybody ever actually use jewelry boxes?

There are many people that use jewelry boxes. However, they are not necessarily used for their jewelry. People put many different things in a jewelry box.

What do people put in safety deposit boxes?

Things they want to keep safe... stores valuables

Can you give me a sentence that has the word boxes in it?

i put all my stuff in the boxes.

Why did they create Boxing Day?

Boxing day was put on December 26 when people gave boxes of gifts.

How do you put an x in boxes on forms?

with a pen

How do you fit in 5 roses in 9 boxes?

put 4 boxes inside the other four boxes.......... remaining 1 box so...

Can a dog die from eating a packet of the stuff they put in shoe boxes?

No, your dog cant die if it eats a packet of stuff they put in shoe boxes but they can get very sick.