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it is warmer water in the corner

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Q: Why do fish stay in one corner of an aquarium?
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What is a suitable model of Juwel Aquarium in which to keep one Siamese Fighting Fish?

The Jewel Vision 260 Aquarium is suitable for keeping one Siamese Fighting Fish. One can also keep other tropical, marine and coldwater fish in this aquarium.

What size fish can you put in your one gallon aquarium?

You can put one maybe 2 one-inch fishes in your one gallon aquarium

Would fish stay in the corner of a tank and only come out to eat if they have had babies?

Depending on what fish it is there could be a few reasons. One is that they are protecting the babies. 2 it could be that uve got a territorial fish that guards his spot and 3 it might be because of heat or shelter or currents if u have a tropical setup or filters going. Best bet is to ask ur local aquarium for advice mate. I hope that helps :o)

Should goldfish have a at least one other fish partner in the aquarium?


How many fish in 220l aquarium?

the rule of thumb is usually one inch of fish per gallon

What will happen to aquarium if one of your friend will clean all the things in aquarium leaving fish and water only?

nothing the fish will be fine (they can live in just water u know)

Is there diet fish food for betta fish?

If you think you're Siamese Fighting Fish is getting overweight, you can just cut down on feeding them. I have one ten gallon aquarium and one sixteen gallon aquarium, and I feed the fish in them once a day, and they are very active and healthy.

How can you get a green crowdstar fish in happy aquarium?

If you have two crowdstar fish one male and one female and they mate by chance there baby will be a green crowdstar fish.

What to put fish in if don't have an aquarium?

A fish bowl. Or even a bathtub... any thing that holds water. But it's est to have a aquarium with a filter and one of those heaters. Otherwise, your fish might die pretty quickly.

You may have one in your aquarium but which of these fish are in the same Characidae family as the piranha?


What are the dimensions and the volume for the largest fish tank at a aquarium or at the zoo in the U.S?

Really no one fish tank is the biggest.

Holly has 25 fish in her aquarium Tommy has one fifth of the fish Holly has?

Divide 25 by 5 xox