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They don't.

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Glass balls tend to bounce higher than rubber balls due to their density and hardness. Glass balls have less energy loss upon impact because they are rigid and less deformable compared to rubber balls. This allows glass balls to retain more of their original kinetic energy during the bounce, resulting in a higher bounce height.

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Q: Why do glass balls bounce higher than rubber balls?
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What will bounce higher then a rubber ball?

A superball or a bouncy ball with higher elasticity than a rubber ball would likely bounce higher due to their ability to store and release more kinetic energy upon impact.

Does a glass ball bounce higher tha a rubber ball?

No, a rubber ball usually bounces higher than a glass ball due to the difference in elasticity between the two materials. Rubber is more elastic and capable of storing and releasing more energy during impact, which allows it to bounce higher. Glass is brittle and absorbs more of the impact energy, resulting in lower bounce height.

What kind of ball doesn't bounce?

A glass ball. Glass is a material that does not have elasticity like rubber, so when a glass ball is dropped, it will not bounce.

Will a ball of glass Bounce higer then a ball of Rubber?

it is scientifically proven that a ball of glass bounces higher than a ball of rubber. No cause the glass would break if you drop it to high and the rubber one would not ! It depends on wether or not your counting the height the shards fly up.

What kind of tennis ball bounces the highest?

AnswerActually the ball that bounces the highest is the golf ball. This is because it is a combination of elastic energy and solid energy. You see when elastic hits the ground its energy is transferred into the ground and is motionless for a short time until the rebound. When a solid hits ground the ground stores the energy and transfers it to the solid and the rebound. Put them together and the golf ball is your winner!-44gdog44Go sasa ( Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy)

Will a ball of glass bounce higher then a ball of rubber?

No, a ball of glass will not bounce higher than a ball of rubber because glass is rigid and lacks elasticity compared to rubber, which is flexible and can store more energy upon impact, allowing it to bounce higher.

Will a ball of steel bounce higher then a ball of glass?

No, a ball of steel typically will not bounce higher than a ball of glass due to differences in their material properties. Steel is denser and heavier than glass, which results in less energy being transferred upon impact, leading to lower bounce height.

Does temperature affect the bounce of a rubber ball?

Temperature does not affect the bounce of a rubber ball. Let's say you bounce a rubber ball on the grass. The result will be different then bouncing a rubber ball on a concrete surface. The result is different because you are using a solid, hard surface to bounce the ball with. But the temperature will not affect the bounce of a rubber ball. you can test it out for youself.

What Ball Would Not Bounce?

A glass ball will not bounce.

Which is more elastic rubber or glass?

Rubber is generally more elastic than glass. Rubber has a higher elasticity due to its ability to undergo large deformations without breaking, while glass is more brittle and tends to shatter or crack when subjected to stress.

Are glass and rubber conductors?

No, glass is an insulator and does not conduct electricity, while rubber is also an insulator, though some types of rubber can be made to conduct electricity under certain conditions.

Is rubber or glass a conductor?

Rubber is an insulator (non-conductor) while glass is also considered an insulator, meaning they do not allow the flow of electricity.