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cause i think to learn more about the geometry.

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Q: Why do many people need to know geometry to do their jobs?
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What is line of geometry?

There are many different lines in geometry

Job in UK?

There are a great many different jobs that people can get in the UK. These people could get jobs as teachers or as doctors for example.

How is geometry used in different subjects besides math?

Usually when geometry is used outside of the subject of math, it doesn't seem like math. One use of geometry is in art, many people learn to draw a tree as a circle on top OS a rectangle, two geometric figures. Another use of geometry is in science, when many experiments are accompanied by drawings of the set-up or findings.

Who discovered geometry and used geometry?

The branch of mathematics we know as geometry was not "discovered" by any one person. Rather, it was developed by different philosophers and mathematicians across many hundreds of years or even thousands of years. We know geometry was studied by the ancient Greeks, and there is evidence that other ancient cultures had investigators who worked with geometric ideas. It is not difficult to look around in the world and see geometric ideas. They can be found in natural things, like the shapes and arrangements of flower petals, to cite one example. The builders of many structures in the ancient world obviously mastered geometry and the physics (mechanical engineering) of structures. Today we can find no architects that lack an appreciation of geometric ideas; there is a geometry apparent in things we build, both large and small. And the ideas of geometry are an essential part of study for matriculating teenagers because of the wide applications in which geometry plays a part.

What are some uses of geometry?

Geometry has many uses..... For examples construction of pryamids uses geometry... or even in construction of bridges and other enjeenering marvels.....

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'Why do many people need to know geometry to do their jobs'?

because many of the jobs require the knowledge that Geometry provides.

How is Euclid's work used today?

Euclid's work was geometry, many jobs use geometry such as engineers and architecture

What do you know about geometry?

Many things, so please be more specific.

Why geometry book was so sad?

it had to many problems

What is the mathematical basis of fractals?

A fractal is a geometric shape that when zoomed in on, will look approximately the same as it did before. Fractal geometry is a more complex version of regular Euclidean geometry. Euclidean geometry included just circles, squares, triangles, hexagons, octagons and all other regular shapes. Fractal geometry is the study of fractals and all of its components. Fractal geometry, out of all of its other uses, is mainly used to describe every other shape possible that isn’t classified into regular Euclidean geometry. Although not many people know what a fractal is, they encounter them on a regular basis and fractals have many uses all of which are extremely overlooked by many people.

What jobs do not involve maths?

Not many jobs don't involve math. Most jobs require you to know basic math skills, such as arithmetic and perhaps some basic algebra and geometry. If you want to become an engineer or scientist or something, you will probably need much more math knowledge than that. I assume that most writing jobs don't require math skills (author, blahblahblah).

Can you have two jobs?

Yes, many people have two jobs. Not as many people have two occupations though.

Who created the theory for geometry?

Many people, but Euclid was perhaps the most important.

How did the great depression affect the state of Washington?

it caused many people to lose their jobs and the economy went down

How are sales and jobs related?

Sales are related to jobs in that sales gives people jobs. Many people have jobs in the sales department at stores and many large business companies. Sales is a good source of jobs.

Where can one apply to Unix jobs?

Jobs for people who know the programming language Unix are available at many technology companies. To apply, visit the site of the company and find the link titled "jobs" and follow their instructions.

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