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There are many different lines in geometry

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Q: What is line of geometry?
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What is a line in geometry?

the line in geometry is a line segment that never ends

What is the line of geometry?

A line in geometry term looks like a line with to arrows on both sides

What are points on a line for geometry?

In coordinated geometry the points on a straight line will determine its equation.

How many endpoints are there in a line?

In geometry, a line has no endpoints. If you are referring to a non-geometry application, a line has 2 endpoints.

What are the two kinds of geometry?

euclidean Geometry where the parallel line postulate exists. and the is also eliptic geometry where the parallel line postulate does not exist.

Can a line segment be extended indefinitely in spherical geometry?

that would be a line and lines do not exist in spherical geometry

What is a straight line angle in geometry?

Angles on a straight line add up to 180 degrees in geometry.

What are the 3 unedifying terms in geometry geometry?

Point ; Line ; Plane - Remember the Point-Line-Plane Postulate

Does a line always mean a straight line in geometry?


A line and a point not on a line are coplanar?

Yes, in Euclidean geometry.

Does a line go on forever in both directions?

In Euclidean geometry, yes.In Euclidean geometry, yes.In Euclidean geometry, yes.In Euclidean geometry, yes.

What is eullidean geometry?

"Euclidean" geometry is the familiar "standard" geometry. Until the 19th century, it was simply "geometry". It features infinitely divisible space, up to three dimensions, and, most notably, the "parallel postulate": "Given a line, and a point not on the line, there is exactly one line that can be drawn through the point and parallel to the given line."

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