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because if you compare it to 100% or 100 it will give you the correct answer to your problem.

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Q: Why do math proportions work?
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What math is in banking?

Interest and percent I know. Proportions are useful for finding that.

What is math in grade 7 like?

It is very easy.we like proportions and sim. figures.

How do proportions work?

proportions are used in calculations to help in the division of parts into units for effective distribution.

How does architect relate to Math?

Architects use math in a number of ways. These include using mathematical proportions when drawingÊdesign plans, as well as troubleshooting structural problems.

How is math used in surgery?

Math would be used to calculate the appropriate measurements of antibiotics, pain killers and such. Simple and complex proportions are heavily incorporated as well as conversions (stoichiometry).

What are math proportions?

The part of something or the ratio of something, like if a half of a jug is filled, the proportion filled is a half

What type of math is used by pediatric nurses?

Pediatric nurses use measuring,weighing,counting,ratios, and proportions.

Why math is important in dress making?

Dress making contains math skills such as: Measurements Area Proportions Expenses :)

What proportions of work work in primary industries for south Korea?

I Like pOO.

How is math related to cooking?

If you are preparing a dish or dessert based on a recipe, math is important in measuring out the exact ingredients. Fractions are used extensively in cooking. Measuring cups include fractional proportions.

How is math used to help an administrative assistant?

The assistant can use ratios and proportions to calculate how much more their boss makes then them.

How you use math when making guacamole?

You use ratios or proportions for making sure you use the correct amount of each ingredient.

How is proportions used in the real world?

to work

How is being a chocolate maker related to math?

You're a chocolate maker. What are you making today? Dark chocolate? Semi-sweet? Milk chocolate? White chocolate? Each requires different proportions of cocoa powder, butterfat, lecithin, sugar, milk, etc. Those proportions may be by percentage or by weight. Either way, it is an exercise in straight up-and-down math.

What are some jobs that use proportions?

-math teachers -scientists like forensic scientists -phsycoligists

What does 6th grade math look like?

Its mostly algebra- fractions decimals percents proportions equations expression ratios and etc

Which way do you work in a math question?

In math you always work to the right.

What is the relationship between engineering and math if engineering is applied physics?

Engineering requires math in order to compute thicknesses, hardnesses, stresses, malleability, ductility, heights, lengths, depth, weights, mass, velocities, proportions, etc.

How does a math teacher work with math?

they talk to people bout math

What school subjects do you need to know to become an architect?

You need alot of math, proportions, ratios, algebra and physics. geometry,calculus. All of the subjects witha ny kind of math and drawing. These days, you need computer graphics too.

What qualities did greek architects strive for in their work?

To make beautiful buildings with graceful proportions.

How did greek sculptor made their work more life like?

By studying self proportions

How is math used in being a lawyer?

You must be able to problem solve. Also you need to calculate percentages, deal with intrest rates, and proportions. Follow me on instagram! danielle_2112

How is math used in fashion design?

that fashion design takes a lot of work and takes to much work it's takes a lot of math work

How long is a blue ring octopus head?

A blue ringed octopus is typically 1-2 inches long. That would make the head... find the body proportions and then do the math.