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* Why do women leave it down? * It's a force of habit, and in most cases the habit can be broken. * For a most scholarly look at this common problem, see the Related link below...

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Q: Why do men leave the toilet seat up?
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What was the boss rule?

Never leave the toilet seat up

Is it proper to leave the lid (not the seat )of the toilet down or up?

The fight over the toilet seat being up or down (scorned by women for being left up) has been an ongoing debate since the toilet seat was invented. The toilet seat should be left down at home on a general basis considering both sexes do have bowel movements and it is not all about urinating. In public men have urinals in the men's room so there is no problem with public toilets. If you go into an upscale hotel the bathrooms are spotless; toilet is well cleaned with the toilet seat downand a paper banner across it which indicates the toilet has hygienically been cleaned and no one has torn off the banner to use that toilet since being cleaned.Another answerThe seat and the lid should always be DOWN when not in use. In polite society, the sight of the toilet is considered to be less offensive when the lid is down.

Is it proper etiquette to leave a toilet seat cover up or down when not in use?

It is proper to leave the seat down, but whether the cover is left down or up is a matter of personal preference.

Why do guys put up the toilet seat?

To pee- so they do not pee on the toilet seat.

Men like toilet seat up Women down who is correct and why?

Neither is more correct. Agree on a compromise and stick to it.

What is the percentage of men leaving the toilet seat up?

I'd guess about 101 %,except that I know a few that never lift it at all.

Is it bad to leave the toilet seat up?

It is only bad if there is a woman in the house. Women, as a group, are rather squeamish about germs and greatly dislike the prospect of having to touch a toilet seat. If it's always left down, then there is no need for them to ever touch it.

Where can you find the zebra?

In your toilet, trust me go in your bathroom, and lift up your toilet seat, and there he is! :D your welcome

How much money is wasted by the government?

$10,000 for a toilet seat adds up...

Is it a crime to leave the toilet seats up in a public toilet in Singapore?

yes it is a crime because spiders and other things can climb in

What is the proper way to use a paper toilet seat cover?

When in Use cover up when not in use down

Can sperm be washed off a toilet seat cause you ejaculated on the toilet seat and washed it with soap and water and dried it but if your toilet m.y is wooden and some could get into cracks on the seat?

It is not a problem, don't worry about it. Any small amount that might possibly have got into a crack will quickly die and dry up. Even if it was fresh and a female were to come into contact with it, she can not get pregnant from it.