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Because if they did not, then they would not be number lines!

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Q: Why do number lines have numbers in them?
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What do number lines end with?

numbers get smaller as you move to the left on the number line number lines can't help you compare numerals

What between 4 and 5 in number lines?

There are infinitely many numbers between any two different numbers. To find a number exactly in the middle between two numbers, calculate the average. That is, add the two numbers, then divide the result by 2.

What are number lines?

A number line is a line of which numbers are ordered on. Usually from 1 to 100.

What is the Mayan symbol for the number 13?

The Mayans used a combination of dots and lines to represent their numbers. The number thirteen is represented by three dots on top of two horizontal lines.

What makes an odd number odd?

Even numbers can be matched up in two lines. Odd numbers have one left over.

How do you model your equation on a number line to show your answer?

You model your equation on a number line to using a bar model.

What is a diagram used to identify the prime factors of a number?

A factor tree is very useful when identifying the prime factors of a number. You draw two lines off of it and write two numbers that multiply together to make that number. If one of the numbers cannot be divided any further, then circle it. That is a prime number. Draw two lines off of numbers that can be divided further, so you have multiple branches dividing off into certain numbers. Once all the numbers have been divided down, you are left with prime numbers which you can then multiply to get back to the original number.

How were numbers named?

Numbers were named after the number of angles they represented, and each angle represented a quantity. For example, the number one has one angle, number two two and so on. They have to be written with straight lines (not curved).

When do you need to use two number lines to compare two fractions?

When the numbers are greater than 1

Can 859 make a triangle?

No 859 is a number, to make a triangle you need to join up lines not numbers.

What is two perpendicular number lines or axes used for graphing ordered pairs of numbers?

Coordinate planes

What does each number represent?

Typically a number is used to represent the exact amount of things you are counting. Numbers in telephone numbers actually don't count anything and were just a convenient way to categorize lines.