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Because it is an innate/inborn behavior. Some people have the instinct to do that and some people dont. In other words; we just do it.

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Q: Why do our arms move back and forth when we walk?
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How do you walk to the kitchen?

You stand up if you're not already standing up, and you move both of your legs (if you have both of them) back and forth until you get to your destination, the kitchen.

How does monkey move?

A monkey moves similar to a human. Monkeys have legs, arms, and muscles that enable to them to move. They use their legs and arms to walk.

How does a squirrel move?

A squirrel moves by its arms and legs. It uses its arms and legs to climb and walk things.

Why does your cat walk back and forth on your stomach when you are lying on your back?

It's because your cat likes you.

Can a Venus flytrap walk?

No. Its leaves pivot back and forth to trap insects.

Why do dogs walk back and forth?

Some dogs just have so much energy that they can't sit still. These dogs will pace or walk back and forth a lot of the day. This can be reduced some by giving the dog more exercise.

What if your dogs head weaves back and forth and cant walk?

it found your marijuana stash

How do you move a victim who cannot walk and has no suspected head neak or back injuries?

You can move them with yourself and another person grabbing the injured person's legs and back, having them put their arms around you and the other person's shoulders; it will almost be like a chair position.

What does paceing mean?

pacing means when your worried or frustrated about something so you walk back in forth horizontally.

What does muscular dystrophy do to your body?

it causes many things to change in your body,for instance i have this disease and it caused my to not have straight arms aswell as my stomach going curved and makes my back not straight aswell ,which brings my stomach forth and not back which is sometimes kind ofembaresing considering that i walk like a pregnant woman

Whats the best free style to do on a gazelle?

The best free style to do on a gazelle, is just to grab the handles and slowing go back and forth. You need to walk on it first, before you can run, and you can also stretch back and forth.

How many legs do octopuses have?

They actually have 2. they use their to back 'arms' to walk along the sea bed.

How many legs do a monkey have?

a monkey has no legs it has armsClarification:To say a monkey has no legs, and only has arms, is basically saying that monkeys walk on their "back arms". Monkeys have 4 legs, and walk on all 4 legs, but they also use their front legs much the same way we humans use our arms.

What do you do when you get to the other dimension on Phineas and Ferb 2d yourself?

you just walk around and go back and forth between the dimensions

Why do kangaroos have back legs?

Because they don't have wheels? The back legs are what they walk, run and jump on. Without them, how would they move?

When you breathe in your nostrils get bigger and when you breathe out they get smaller why?

Its a reflex move so you can breath in as much air as possible.Is that like when you walk and swing your arms?

How does a cat walk?

A cat walks with one foot in the other. Sometimes cats waddle more dramatically than others. They shake their butt back and forth. That's where they got the term "the cat walk", models use when they walk.

Can a chicken back up when they walk?

Yes, chickens can and do move backwards. When they scratch the ground for food they move backwards to see what they have uncovered.

What is the definition of the term waddle?

The definition of waddle is to walk in a slow, clumsy way. The short steps will cause the body to sway back and forth. A penguin has short legs, causing it to walk with a waddle.

What can not walk but have arms and legs?

a river

How do Arms help chimpanzee?

arms help chimpanzee's to walk and to feed themselves

How do you find grass rustling in Pokemon white?

They happen by random, it sometimes works if you walk back and forth near grass for a while. They usally have Audino.

How do ladybirds move around?

While ladybirds walk or fly they have wings under on their back and they have six legs.

Does a back bone help an animal move?

yes if we didn't have spines we wouldn't be able to walk so they do.

How do you Walk Feminine?

Walk from the hips not the shoulders, don't swing the arms too much.