Why do people have birthdays?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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It is to celebrate the day of your birth. and the reason why peoples 18th birthday is so important is because they are growing into an adult.

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People have birthdays to celebrate the day they were born. Universally birthdays are celebrated with parties.

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Q: Why do people have birthdays?
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How many people have birthdays on their birthdays?

Millions around the world.

Do people in Poland celebrate birthdays?

obviosly, they celebrate birthdays but they do it with a lot of alchocol!

How do Spanish people celebrate 16Th birthdays?

They don't. They only celebrate 15th birthdays, which is a quinceanera.

Do the people of Argentina have celebriations?

Only those people with birthdays.

What is the probability of a set of 28 people having two sets of matched birthdays?

Prob(two sets of matched birthdays) = 1 - [Prob(No matched birthdays)] + [Prob(One set of matched birthdays)] = 0.63

People who died on their birthdays?

William Shakespeare.

How do Asian people celebrate their birthdays?

they dont

What happens when it was February 9 2003 birthdays?

Most people who had birthdays on February 9,2003 probably celebrated them in some way.

According to recent studies how many birthdays does the average person have?

The average European people have up to 70-80 birthdays!!!!

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What do people in the country of Wales eat for birthdays?


How do they celebrate birthdays in Burma?

like other people