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Q: Why do rational rules result in a double-bind?
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What are the rules for division of integers?

Any integer can be divided by any non-zero integer, and the result is a rational number.

Wats the rule for adding rational numbers with the same sign?

Wats are temples from South East Asia and, as far as I am aware, they do not dicatate any rules for adding rational numbers.

What are the rules for dividing rational numbers are the same as the rules for dividing integers?

The rules are the same.

When is it possible for the product of a rational and an irrational number to result in a rational value?

When the rational number is 0.

What happens when you add two rational numbers?

The result will also be a rational number.

When evaluated using rational values for the variables will result in an a rational number?

Not necessarily. The value of 3 (rational) raised to the power 1/2 (rational) is not rational.

What is the combination of rational numbers and irrational?

It the combination is multiplication and the rational number is 0, then the result is rational. Otherwise it is irrational.

When an irrational number is divided by a rational number is the result rational or irrational?

It is irrational - unless the divisor is 0 in which case the division is not defined.

What is the classification of the product of a rational and an irrational number?

If you multiply a rational and an irrational number, the result will be irrational.

What is the result of an irrational number times an rational number?

Unless the rational number is zero, the answer is irrational.

Is 8 over 9 an irrational number?

Any addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division of rational numbers gives you a rational result. You can consider 8 over 9 as the division of 8 by 9, so the result is rational.

Can you add irrational number and a rational to get a rational number?

If an irrational number is added to, (or multiplied by) a rational number, the result will always be an irrational number.