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Q: Why do roundheadcock called roundhead?
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What was the supporter of the puritan side in the English Civil War called?


When was Roundhead - Wyandot - born?

Roundhead - Wyandot - was born in 1760.

When was Roundhead Studios created?

Roundhead Studios was created in 2007.

When did Roundhead - Wyandot - die?

Roundhead - Wyandot - died on 1813-10-05.

When was Edward Hungerford - Roundhead - born?

Edward Hungerford - Roundhead - was born in 1596.

When did Edward Hungerford - Roundhead - die?

Edward Hungerford - Roundhead - died in 1648.

When did Anthony Hungerford - Roundhead - die?

Anthony Hungerford - Roundhead - died in 1657.

What is a roundhead?

Roundheads was the name given to soldiers who supported Cromwell and the Parliamentarians. They were called Roundheads after the shape of the helmets that they wore.

Who did roundhead follow?

Square head

Who led the roundhead army?

Oliver Cromwell

Was oliver Cromwell a roundhead?

yes he was their leader

What did a roundhead do in the English Civil War?