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Skateboard goes faster because it is on the incline not the flat ground

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Q: Why do skateboards go faster on a inclined plane?
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Why is skateboards better than bikes?

Skateboards are better because you can go faster and it is portable

What kind of skateboards are good to go down hills?

an inclined boared or long board

Is a skateboard ramp a simple machine?

Yes, it is a simple machine because it helps skateboards go up in the air to do tricks. Plus, it is an inclined plane, which is one of the six types of simple machines.

What makes inclined plane moves?

Inclined planes don't move. Things that go down it do.

Why do toy cars go faster on inclined planes?

Because you are pushing your force to it(with your hand) while a plane its got nothing pushing it exept for gas

What can go faster ripstick or skateboard?

The skateboard goes faster if the skateboards wheels are good and fast than the skateboard will go faster than a ripstick.

What is an incilind plane?

you mean inclined plane? a simple machine (a plane at an incline) that uses gravity and slope to move objects. e.g.: a slide is an inclined plane. If it were horizontal, you wouldn't go anywhere.

How are inclined planes and screws related?

An inclined plane is just a straight diagonal block of wood, piece of metal ect. A screw is made of an inclined plane to help it go into things with ease. Hope this helps!

Can a plane go faster then a train?

YES much faster!

Can a plane or train go faster traveling 2200 miles?

A plane.

Can an electric train go faster than plane?

A fast train can be faster than a slow plane. But even a regular plane will be faster than fast train.

What is faster a plane or a train?

It depends on the distance, but for long distance it is the plane you should go with.

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