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A student may fail mathematics because he/she did not study, did not attend class, or did not understand the lesson material.

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Q: Why do students failed in mathematics?
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N class of 100 students 50 students passed in Mathematics and 70 passed in English 5 students failed in both Mathematics and English How many students passed in both the subjects?

Using set theory let A contain the students who failed mathematics (50) and B contain the students that failed English (30). Now set A and B intersect so they share the same students (5). Therefore the students who passed both subjects is the complement of the union of the sets. ~(AUB)=~(A+B-AintersectB)=100-(50+30-5)=25 students.

Why is it that the students failed in Mathematics?

The most common reason is because when the student go home he/she doesn't continue there studies there.

When was International Mathematics Competition for University Students created?

International Mathematics Competition for University Students was created in 1994.

What is the important of teaching trigonometry to the IT students?

Trigonometry is part of the mathematics series leading up to and beyond calculus. It is necessary for IT students because many programming problems are based on mathematics and, without a thorough grounding in mathematics, the IT student will be limited in what he or she can do.

When a students failed who is responsible for that?

The student

Mathematics project-models for school students?


How do you help low performing students in Mathematics?


Why students fail mathematics and science?

Lack of effort.

In a science class of 42 student each student offers at least on of mathematics and physics if 22 students offer physics and 28 offers mathematics find how many students offers physics only?

fourteen students offers physics only.

Why do many students fail in mathematics?

Mathematics involve many equations and vocabularies. Some kids may not be able to remember them all.

Why students fail mathematics?

Mathematics is believed to be the key for all other subjects but it is supperising that most students fail it and yet pass other subject.I believe there is no work that you can do without applying mathematics.Consider an individual walking from his home to work in the city, he has in mind how long it is from his home to the place of work and what time he takes to arrive at work and he therefore use mathematics to survive the challenge of travelling and arriving on time.The question now is why do students fail mathematics?I think students only fail the class room mathmatics but they have often applied mathematics in their daily lives to solve problems. The following are some of the reasone students fail mathematics:Negative attitude towards mathematics.Fear due to pressure from friends that mathematics is hard.Failure of the teachers to give proper and simple explanation of mathematical terms.Limited or even lack of learning materials by the students. consider the a student who is going in a lesson of bearing without a set and a culculator, this student can hardly get any thing and yet mathematics needs practice.Lack of enough practice by the students.

If the exam 45 percent students failed and 550 students were successful the total number of students who appeared in the exam were?


Why do students fail mathematics?

A student may fail mathematics because he/she did not study, did not attend class, or did not understand the lesson material.

Why do student get tardiness absent cut classes and bored when the subject is mathematics?

It seems that some students don't like mathematics.

At school Einstein failed in mathswhich class?

Einstein never failed mathematics, this is a myth he dispelled when he was older. he said that he mastered calculus by age 16.

What are the factors affecting students performance in mathematics?

teacher factor

What has the author J Gasson written?

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What has the author James Radlow written?

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Why business mathematics is important for bba student?

Why business mathmatics is essential for our BBA students

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What is the meaning of mathematics trivia?

The meaning of mathematics trivia is to help someone learn math. Many people quiz their students on multiplication for example.

In an examination 70 percent of the candidates passed in English 65 percent passed in Mathematics and 27 percent failed in both subjects What is the pass percentage?

Answer:100% (all students who took the test).Since 27% failed in both, then 73% are remained to be discussed.Since 70% passed in English, 65% passed in Math and 27% failed in both,Then, failed in English = (100% - 70%) = 30%.Failed only in English = 30% - 27% = 3%.Failed in Math = (100% - 65%) = 35%.Failed only in Math = 35% - 27% = 8%.So total % of students failed = failed in both subjects + failed in English only + failed in Math only = 27% + 3% + 8%= 38%.So passed in both subjects = 100% - 38% = 62%.Answer: In that exam 62% passed in both subjects.

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