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why the aera near fridgid zone has 6 months day and 6 months night

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Q: Why do the areas in frigid zone have six months day followed by six months night.?
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Why do the areas in frigid zone have six months day followed by six months of night?

why the aera near fridgid zone has 6 months day and 6 months night

How do you use the word frigid in a sentence?

The winter night air was very frigid, indeed!

How is the life of people in frigid zone-now?

"Earth's polar regions are the areas of the globe surrounding the poles also known as frigid zones". -there are two frigid zones ,they are on Either of two regions of the Earth of extreme latitude, the North Frigid Zone, extending north of the Arctic Circle, and the South Frigid Zone, extending south of the Antarctic Circle. Asia, North America and northern Mexico. The South Temperate Zone includes southern Australia, New Zealand, southern South America and South Africa. The two Frigid Zones, or polar regions, experience the midnight sun and the polar night for part of the year - the edge of the zone experiences one day at the solstice when the Sun doesn't rise or set for 24 hours, while in the centre of the zone (the pole), the day is literally one year long, with six months of daylight and six months of night. The Frigid Zones are the coldest parts of the earth, and are covered with ice and snow. The North Frigid Zone (the Arctic) includes northern Canada and Alaska, Greenland, northern Scandinavia, northern Russia, and the Arctic ice. The South Frigid Zone (The Antarctic) is filled by the continent of Antarctica; the next closest mainland is the southern tip of Chile and Argentina, followed by New Zealand. (next check out anything you can find on these two zones. try these links) send by khushi jain 5a

Are there any countries that daylight time never varies?

Well, in Antarctica there's 6 months of day followed by 6 months of night. Does that count?

How long is one night on Mercury?

Mercuryrevolvesquickly but rotates slowly. One full day-night cycle takes about 179 Earth days. Thus, a night on Mercury lasts about three months and is followed by three months of daylight.

What location has the greatest number of daylight when earth is tilted on its axis?

The north or south poles, which have a continual SIX MONTHS of sunlight - followed by six months of night.

What is a synonym for the word frigid?

The word "frigid" is defined as "extremely cold." Common synonyms for the term include snappy, freezing, frosty, gelid, hyperboreal, and three-dog night.

Where is a place that has 6 months of day and 6 months of night?

In Alaska there is 6 months day & night

What is the date of the longest day of the year?

June 21st It's called the Summer Solstice Although you could argue that in the polar regions days can last for 6 months and are then followed by 6 months of night

Does antarctica have 6 months of day and 6 months of night?

Not all of it -- only a tiny region near the South Pole experiences 6 months of continuous daylight followed by nearly 6 months of continuous night. The North Pole has a similar division between day and night, each lasting one half of the year. However, practically all of Antarctica experiences at least 24 hours of continuous day or night, and weeks or months of continuous day or night occur in various locations. *Because of the width of the solar disc, and refraction by the atmosphere, there are about 2 or 3 more days of daylight per year than there are of night.

If earth was not spinning there be no?

If the Earth stopped spinning completely, there would be just one day and one night a year. Six months of daylight would be followed by six months of night. ... The spinning of the Earth is also partially responsible for the Earth's magnetic field. No spin means no magnetic field HOPE THAT HELP!

What is the line between day and night called?

The line dividing illuminated areas from night areas is called the terminator.

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