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Simply to avoid confusion between am and pm. Times are written from 00:00 (midnight) to 23:59 (one minute before midnight.

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Q: Why do they do 24 hour times on train time tables?
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What is times tables?

Time tables are multiplication facts.

What time tables equal 31?

None of the times tables equal 31.

How long would it take to get a train for London to dover?

The ultimate time depends on the train you take. fastest is 1 hour 8 minutes and slowest 1 hour and 58 minutes. Trains leave every half hour at peak times

Time on a train from London to Oxford?

A fast train would take about an hour.

How much time it will take to go mehandipur balaji from delhi by train and by bus?

4 hour from delhi by bus or 4:30 hour by train

What are the time tables of 150?

well it's not that hard really you just add 0 to your 15 times tables.

What is the travel time from zurich to bern by train?

Zürich to Bern by train takes 1 approximately hour.

Train timetable from kalundborg to Copenhagen?

The train from Kalundborg to Copenhagen leaves approximately once an hour, and has a travel time of between 1 hour, 30 minutes, and 1 hour, 50 minutes.

How do you know your times tables?

time table of se computer engineering

Is 40 in the 4 time tables?

yes it is 10 times four

What patterns are there in the 5 times tables?

add 5 every time

Train time London to Brighton?

Just under one hour

How long is the time between Verona train station and Venice train station?

1 hour, 15 minutes

What is the traveling time by train between Amsterdam to Eindhoven?

About 1 hour 30 minutes if you take a direct train.

How long is train from Amsterdam to The Hague?

One hour, little less or a little more, depens on the time and which train you get.

24 time tables?

very good question. alot of people dont know what the 24 times tables are. the times tables are 24,48,72,148,172,196,220, and so on and so on. all you have to do is add 24 to 24 then 24 to 48 then 24 to 72.

What is the rule for the six times tables?

You add 6 each time der !

What makes 360 in the 9 time tables?

40 times 9 = 360

How much time it takes to reach London from worthing?

About 1 hour by train.

How fast can a bullet train go?

The fastest so far is the TGV in France, where a train reached about 357 mph for a limited time.Japan has the world record at 581km per hour. A modern Japanese Bullet Train can go 333km per hour. The french TGV can go at 343km per hour. But the fastest bullet train is the Chinese bullet train. It goes 487km per hour.

How many time on times tables I can make 93?

93 appears in 4 of the times tables: 1 times table: 1 × 93 3 times table: 3 × 31 31 times table: 31 × 3 93 times table: 93 × 1

Did Victorian children use plastic cubes to help them in their times tables?

No they weren't; not at the time

Who Invented Time Tables?

Pythagora discovered time tables

What is the driving time from maastricht Netherlands to eindnoven Netherlands?

About one hour by train or car

IfTrain A is traveling at 40 mph and train B is traveling at 50 mph train a passes station at 215am and train b passes the station at 245am what time will train b catch up to train a if same Direction?

At 2:45, Train-A has a 1/2-hour lead on Train-B = 1/2 of the speed of Train-A = 5 miles.Train-B overtakes Train-A at the rate of (50 - 40) = 10 miles per hour.It takes Train-B (5/10) = 1/2 hour to make up the deficit.Train-B catches up to Train-A at 3:15 AM.