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For more information about two switches controlling one light see the Related Questions shown below.

* You need to have two switches on to get power to the light because you have them wired in series. * I going to go out on a limb here and say that you possibly are asking about three way switches and why are they functioning in this manner. * One of the switches or possibly both are wired incorrectly.

* You may be able to sort this out by yourself through trial and error, but it would probably be quicker to consult a local electrician.

<><><> By asking this question you are probably not quite ready to take on this particular task. The correct answer to your question will depend on the exact locations of the two light switches and the lights they control.

<><><> As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.

Before you do any work yourself,

on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,

always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.




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Q: Why do two light switches need to be on in order to get any power to the lights?
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If you have a light in your kitchen operated by two different switches is it right that you should still get a power reading when the switches are off?

Yes, because the light is using 3-way switches. There is always "power" travelling between the switches.

How do you wire one light and one GFCI and another light light and fan with two switches and one power line?

Connect the incoming power to the line side of the GFCi outlet. Now run another wire connected to the line side of the GFCI outlet from the GFCI outlet to the switches. Power one of the switches and use that switch to turn on the 2 lights. Run power from that switch to another switch and use that switch to send power to the fan. Mount both switches in a double pole switch box. If the light above the sink has an outlet on it then you will have to connect power going to that light on the load side of the GFCI outlet. If not then just connect it to the line side.

Are lights at home connected in series or parallel why?

Lights at home are connected in parallel. (Switches are connected in series with the lights in order to turn them on and off.) This way, each light receives the same voltage. Placing the lights in series would divide the voltage between the lights, reducing the power of each, and it would have the effect that one light burning out would cause all the others on the same circuit to stop working.

In what order do you push down the buttons on 24 carrot island?

To turn on the power in the Carrot Cake Factory, push the left and right switches halfway down, and the middle switch all the way down. The lights will light up when you do.

What can cause head lights not to work no power to light?

head lights won't work, no power to them, signal works , reverse lights work

Why was the first light switch made?

The light switches were made as a way for those to be able to conserve energy created to power lightbulbs

How do you make a 2 way switch which breaks the circuit only when both the switches are turned off?

Send power to the 1st switch and then send the power from that switch when it is in the on position to the second switch. Then send power to the light from the second switch. That way both switches will have to be in the on position for the light to be on.

What lights first when computer switched on?

On a desktop, the power button will usually light up. On a laptop, the power lights (located on the front of the laptop) will usually light up first.

The power of light bulbs is measured in what?

the unit which are measured for power of lights are watts....

Why do you have multiple switches wired in series with a load?

Deadman or failsafe switches. Think of them as an and gate logic circuit...all switches must be on (1) in order to power the load (1).

Why do the interior lights light up inside a Volkswagen beetle?

Well they are interior lights. Usually lights light up (assuming there is power to them and they aren't burnt out.

How do you know which light bulb is bad on a Christmas string of lights?

Plug the "string of lights" into the power point. If a particular light does not come on, then it is "bad".

What type of power does light uses?

Lights can run on electric power, gas or acetylene.

What is electicity?

a power source that lights up light bulbs

What does electricity power?

Electricity powers lots of things such as heating, cookers, light switches, and lots more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you light up all the lights in mission 6?

u just need to connect the wires with the power box and connect light bulbs and wires together to light up all the lights

Are diodes often used as switches?

Diodes perform a different function as switches. switches allow you to control wether or ot electricity is flowing. diodes only allow power to flow in one direction. A light emitting diode may be used as an indicator for wether or not power is flowing through a circuit.

What is wrong if your 95 Tacoma dash lights and tail lights are out and there is no power going to the fuse for dash lights and you heard a click when you were fixing a moonvisor light then they went out?

I have that same problem with a 2001 tacoma no power rear tail lights brake light works and nothing for dash lights i need answers i am stumped Any real answers to this please???

Is led lights the same as Christmas lights?

The answer is that they are not necessarily the same. LED lights can be Christmas Lights, but not all Christmas Lights are LED Christmas Lights. LED or Light Emitting Diodes are the type of light source used not a general type of light. LED lights can be used for Street Lights, Flood Lights, Rope Lights, standard household lights or Christmas Lights. Just about any light out there now comes in an LED version. Using LED lights are a great way to save on power consumption. They generally use 90% less power than standard incandescent bulbs. Your typical Christmas Light is generally an incandescent light unless it specifically says it is and LED version. LED Christmas Lights do use less power but usually cost a lot more than standard incandescent Christmas Lights. Many Christmas Light retailers have more information on their websites regarding LED versus incandescent Christmas Lights that would probably be helpful to look at before purchasing any type of Christmas light to make sure you are getting just what you want.

How you fix light on e350 1986?

What do you mean fix lights? which lights? Are the lights not working or does it have a broken lens. If the light doesn't work, have you checked the bulb? Is it burnt out? Is the socket in good working condition? Did you use you test light to see if it has power? Is the fuse good?

How do you wire three can lights to one switch?

Send power from the switch to the first can light. Then send a wire from that can light to the next can light and then to the last can light.

Why do parallel circuits provide more power to the lights?

With several lights in series across the power source, the full voltage of the power source is divided among the group of lights, in proportion to the resistance of each one, and the power available to each light depends on all of the others. The more lights in the series circuit, the less voltage each one gets, and the less power each can dissipate as light. ============================================ Another contributor added: Furthermore, power = voltage times current, and Current is equal to voltage divided by resistance. Putting lights in series increases the circuits resistance, which lowers the current, thus decreases power. This is why the overall light output of two lights in series will be less than a single light.

How do you wire lights on the same circuit with different switches in different rooms not three way?

Run the power line to a light box in each room, then drop a switch leg from each light box. The power line should daisy-chain to each box, with a "tap" off for the lights of each room. If you do not have experience with lighting or switch logic, it would be much more safe for you to contract with a qualified electrician.

How do you convert 12 volt trailer lights to 24 volts?

Change the trailer light bulbs to 24 volts and supply a 24 volt source to power them, in that order.

How do you wire 2 new lights with on-off switches using wires coming from an existing outlet?

You can attach/splice into the power feed to outlet (ways of doing this can vary with how the outlet is wired but make sure that all or part of the outlet isn't controlled by an existing switch). You can then take the hot, neutral and ground to a light fixture or to the first switch, then to the second switch. It is normally easier to do this project by taking power to the light (s) first, with 2 wire drops to the switches, from basement or attic.

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