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The laws in math were not invented by man, they were merely discovered by man. The universe operated by these mathematical principles long before man and will continue to long after we're gone.

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Q: Why do we have man made rules in math?
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Do you know what MATH RULES is?

Math rules depend on what kins of problem you are doing.

Is science moral why or why not?

Not in itself, as morals are man-made rules and science seeks the rules of the universe.

What is the Meaning of power in math?

the meaning of power in math is there are no rules in math

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so i can do my math homework and know all the rules so i can do my math homework and know all the rules

Who created the order of operations in math?

It doesn't come from anyone direct a group of people made up the rules

Who man discovered math?

There was no single person who discovered mathematics. In fact, there are discoveries still being made and ones still to be made.

Who discovered rules of math?

The rules of math have been discovered and forgotten and rediscovered through time. We do not know who actually startet although the babylonians were quite advanced. Regards.

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IF they are math related, write appropriate equations and then apply math rules to solve the equations.

What is the point of doing maths?

The point of doing math is to solve problems that arise in every day life. And find patterns in things. It used to predicted the future. Find out why something does what it does. Math is in everything. From buildings, art, science, the structure of matter and energy. It found in nature. Math rules the universe. It what make man a unique creature on the world animal can't do math - only we can. Think about. And it shows up in the strangest places from the smallest to the largest even when your not looking for it. Mathematics rules it. Only in man mind can math exist. There no pencil fine enough or paper big enough to draw what the mind can imagine Should make you special.

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