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Stress is usually the culprit for headaches. However, there are some people that get migraines, cluster headaches and some medications can cause headaches. It's wise to see your doctor and have it checked out. Marcy As this was in Pregnancy FAQs it is doubly important that you get checked as it may be a sign of pre-eclampsia.

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Q: Why do you have so many headaches in a week?
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What is the medical term for everyday headaches?

There are many terms that describers everyday headaches. Some of them are tension headaches, chronic daily headaches, persistence headaches and many more.

What causes headache after surgery?

What causes headaches a week after surgery

Are headaches in the seventh week of pregnancy normal?

Yes, headaches are very common pregnancy symptoms and are caused by the pregnancy hormones

How many headaches does the average person get?

You get about 150 Headaches

Is light bleeding breast tenderness mild cramping and headaches normal one week after taking plan b?

Yes. Spotting or bleeding may occur within the week of taking plan B or even begin as far as a week later. If your headaches persist see a doctor.

Can eating ice cause headaches?

When i eat ice, it causes headaches for me... so yes :]

Can pinched nerves cause chronic headaches?

Yes, they can. You need to see a neurologist so he can see just what is causing your headaches (if you, in fact, are the person with the headaches)...

What disease is associated with headache backache dizziness and tumor?

headaches for a week now with lower backaches

What if your breasts are sore and you have had headaches for a week and your period isn't due for about a week and a half can you be pregnant?

yes u canbe prehnant. you have some good signs

If the pattern continues, how many cards will he have in week 4?

First week: 5 Second week: 9 Third week: 9+4= 13. So it is 13 Fourth week: 13+4=17. So it is 17

I took Acai nutraburst for one week and my BP went out the roof I had bad headaches for days Don't do it if you have any BP issues?

After trying to drink Acai daily for a week, I've noticed headaches for the last 3 days... possibly related? Nothing else has changed.

What happens when you get too many headaches?

Reasons of headache 1. Poor Sleeping habit 2. Poor Eating habits 3. Stress These are the reasons why headaches happens so often. It leads to migraine.

Does 5 htp cause headaches?

I'm not sure, but I'm thinking it does. I've been on it for about a week now and I've had a headache every day. I hope others answer this so we can find out for sure.

Does caffeine help headaches?

Sometimes caffeine can help headaches, but it can also cause rebound headaches, so great care should be taken in its use. Additionally, using caffeine regularly can actually cause or trigger some types of headaches.

Why does Alexander mcsouthers suffer from bad headaches?

During Alexander McSouther's boxing career, he got hit a few times too many, so he has pretty bad headaches and his brain gets sort of fuzzy.

Do gerbils get headaches?

i havent heard they can but my gerbil wiffy's head was shaking for a while one time so maybe they can have headaches

Can rogaine cause headaches?

Yes. It's a side effect labeled in the instructions. Trust me, I have first hand experience... I've been using it for a week, and every time the headaches get less and less worse.

What causes headaches on the right hand side of the head running through to the nose?

There can be many causes for headaches on the right side of the head. These headaches can be anything from strain to sinus infections.

What are common smoking withdrawal symptoms?

There are many common smoking withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms usually come when it is the first week after you smoke. These symptoms include tingling in the hands and feet, sweating, headaches, and many cold symptoms.

Can a 14yr old on Concerta take Advil liquid caps for headaches?

I have a 14yr old on Concerta and headaches off and on. He takes Advil a few times a week without a problem. He even has a stash with the school nurse.

Does minecraft give you headaches?

Yes and other video games give you headaches as well so don't play too much.

What is a major cause of headaches?

There are many different cause of headaches. There is no one major cause, because it depends on each person. Tension, pressure and poor diet could be attributed to headaches.

Is it ok to play football after you got a concussion a week ago if you still have constant headaches?

No. You should be talking to a doctor, not a website.

How many days when you know your pregnant?

About a month or so, a late period and swelled up breasts, headaches, cramps, cravings are signs.

Why have i been having headaches on and off for the past week should you go to the doctor?

If your headaches are severe, and Tylenol and asperine do not give you any relief, you may need an eye exam, however,d a doctor will properly diagnose you.