Why do you need integers?

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Integers are very helpful when you are trying to count things, or

when you want to tell somebody your age.

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Q: Why do you need integers?
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Why do you need to know about integers?

What you need to know about integers is that integers is the name for the group of numbers that include whole numbers and negative numbers. But integers DO NOT include fractions.

How do you add 4 digit integers?

you need to do the same thing as 2 digit integers is really easy

Three consecutive integers have a sum of 12 and a product of 60 What are the integers?

lol I need to know this too.

Why there is need to develop series of integers?

There is no need - it has already been done!

What is the importance of integers?

-- Integers are very useful when you need to count things. -- If you are running short of decimal points and fraction bars, then integers are definitely the best numbers to use, since they don't need any of those.

When were negative integers accepted?

I need the same answer LOLOLOLOLOL

Where can you use integers at?

Every aspect of mathematics depends upon integers, and even if you don't do any mathematics, you count things with integers. If you even want to know how many guests you are having for dinner, you need to use integers.

Why The sum of two consecutive integers is thirty one?

It need not be. 2 and 3 are consecutive integers and their sum is 5, not 31.

Where do you see integers?

Well, we see integers almost everywhere around the world. Perhaps you were doing your homework and you need to go to page 67, there you have an integer rigth in front of you. You might also use integers while calling someone on your telephone. Integers are evrywhere!!

When would you use decimals?

Whenever the numbers that I need to work with are not integers.

What is the sum of the integers from -30 to 50 inclusive?

810. All of the integers from -30 to30 cancel each other out by adding a negative to a positive. Then all you need to do is add the integers from 31 to 50. (31 + 32 + ....+50)

Are the domain and range values of a sequence positive integers?

The domain is, but the range need not be.

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