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Because, it's just natural. The trees breath in the air we breath out. We breath in Oxygen, and breath out carbon dyoxide. They renew the carbon dyoxide, and cleanse it. Then we breath it back in.

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How many threes are in 100?

99 / 3 = 33 threes 100/3 = 33.33 threes which rounded would be equal to 33 threes

How many threes are in 81?

27 threes are in 81

What is the plural of three?

The plural of three is threes. As in "they come in threes".

When was Threes Anna born?

Threes Anna was born in 1959.

Does Louise rhyme with three?

No, but Louise rhymes with "threes", as in "I am counting by threes".

how many threes are in 313456437333373145673337890?

there are a ton of threes and it's 11 3s

What does an alligator home look like?

an alligator is home has lots of threes and plants and live near water

How can you make 37 using 4 threes?

It wouldn't possible. You would need other numbers.

How many threes in a deck of cards?

There are four threes in a standard deck of cards.

How do five threes add up to 100?

They don't. Five threes add up to 15 and that is it! You can write an expression using 5 threes that makes 100, but that is not the same.

What is good about threes?

Three is the best number ever! That's what's so great about threes!

How many times that 3 go into 270?

There are ten threes in 30, and 27 is three less than that So there are 9 threes in 27 multiply both by to there are 90 threes in 270

Book of threes?


Do you count Celsius by threes?


What is a third as a decimal and a percentage?

As a decimal, 0.33... where the threes go on and on forever. As a percentage, 33.33.. where, again, the threes go on.

What is the Lowest Common Multiple of 45 and 81?

Prime factor the 2.45 = 9x5 = 3x3x581 = 9x9 = 3x3x3x3Your LCM will contain all the multiples of both numbers. 45 has 2 threes and 1 five. 81 has 3 threes. Together you need 4 threes and 1 five to cover both numbers. Therefore your LCM = 3x3x3x3x5 = 405.

How many threes are in the first fifty digits of pi?

There are eight threes in the first fifty digits of pi, not including the first three before the decimal point.Here is an example below with the threes in bold.3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510

What are the release dates for The Rule of Threes - 2013?

The Rule of Threes - 2013 was released on: USA: 15 May 2013

What are things that come in threes?


A boat with threes hulls?


Is trillion multiply by threes?


Use three threes to equal a number greater than 200?

you could just use all the threes to make 333

What team shot the most threes in a high school basketball game and what was the number of threes?

West Burlington,IA Feb 12,2011,100+

What actors and actresses appeared in Threes - 1968?

The cast of Threes - 1968 includes: Suzanne Greco Jane Lako as Marilyn

What are the release dates for Dating in Threes - 2013?

Dating in Threes - 2013 was released on: USA: 1 December 2013 (internet)