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Q: Why do you need to add zeros to the left of a product?
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What is the product of 50 and 60?

6x5=30, add two zeros, you get 3,000

How can you find the product of 4x100 using only mental math?

In your head, multiply 4 times 1, and then add on the two zeros on the end.

What happens to the number of zeros in the product when you multiply a number by ten?

You add one more zero to the end of the number

How do you write 1250 in billions?

its very simple just add the zeros that you need

What does 600 x 800 equal?

the answer is 480,000. Because both numbers have two zeros you can cancel out the zeros and add them later. So now you are left with 6×8. If you take six and add it to itself eight times, you get 48. Now we can deal with the zeros. Because we dropped 2 zeros from 600 and 2 zeros from 800 you get a total of 4 dropped zeros. You can take these zeros and add them onto 48. Adding 1 zero gets you 480. 2 zeros, 4,800. 3 zeros, 48,000. And finally 4 zeros, 480,000!! You can check your work by dividing 480,000 by 6 OR 8. If you divide by 6 your answer should be 8, and if you divide by 8 your answer should be 6.

What is 1000000x1000000?

A million times a million is a trillion, or 1,000,000,000,000. In this particular case, the shortcut is to add your zeros. When you multiply a number with 6 zeros with another number with 6 zeros, it will always have 12 zeros. In other similar problems beginning with numbers other than 1 or with more than one starting digit that is not a zero, you can just multiply the non-zero part at the beginning and then add the zeros from both multiplicands onto the end of the product, thus 60 x 200 would be 12,000. That is, you multiply the 6 and the 2 and add on the 3 zeros.

How much is 3.30e23 kg?

Just add 23 zeros to the end... the e means add zeros

What is the pattern you could use to find the product when multipling a whole number by a power of 10?

You add as many zeros to the number as you have in the power of 10.

How many zero add to seventy crores?

Adding zeros is not a solution. No matter how many zeros you add, the answer will still be zero.

How can you multiply a decimal times a whole number?

-- Ignore the decimal point; just multiply the two whole numbers. -- After the multiplication is done, put the decimal point back into the product. Put it in the right place so that the product has as many digits after the point as the original decimal had. If there aren't enough digits in the product to do that, add some zeros to the left end of it.

What is 1000 x 1203459687?

Whenever you want to multiply a number by 1000, you add three zeros onto the number. Therefore, your product would be 1203459687000.

What is 100x5600?

Add two zeros.