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If you did not, then the number would start wit a decimal point and it is more easy to not notice the decimal point.

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Why do receptionist need typing skills?

Receptionists need typing skills as they have to be doing a lot of typing and the more learning they have the better they will get and the faster their typing skills will be

Why do we need a monitor for the computer?

So you can see what you're typing, before you type a stupid question.

Do we need a fraction before we find a percent?

A percentage IS a fraction, so the question makes little sense.

What do you need to do before you add a fraction?

You need to find the least common multiple of their denominators.

Can you insert a node at any place in linklist without traversing it?

Yes, with limitations... If you have the address of a node in the linklist, you can insert a node after that node. If you need to insert the node before that node, you need to traverse the list, unless the linklist is a doubly-linkedlist

How do you right 3.0 in as a fraction?

Before you can right it, you need to know what is wrong with it.

Can You Type?

Some colleges require that you take a typing test before they will process your application. You don't have to be perfect in typing, but the skills that you do show will determine whether you need to take a typing class in addition to your other classes. The typing test is not long, and you will be copying sentences from one page to the computer.

Why keyboarding is taught in elementary and middle schools?

Because they need to know typing before they go to high school

What equations demonstrates the multiplicative inverse property?

You'll need to insert the 'followings' before we can help you solve it.

How does one log on to Ameritrade website?

To log into the Ameritrade website, you will need a username and password. You would insert your username and password by typing them into the appropriate boxes on the log in page, then click the log in button to log on.

What is a good typing website that's free for kids?

You need to install a typing software like typing tutor .Or google "online typing tutor" and you will find free online typing sites. pinkgal333:dance mat typing is a good website

Do you need friction for typing on a keyboard . why?

Because without friction, it would not be successful when typing!

You want to self inseminate how long do you have before you need to insert the semen?

if your trying to insemate your self how long do you have to get the sperm to the vergina

How do you transfer final cut pro from Mac to Mac?

To install your copy of Final Cut Pro on a new Mac you simply need to insert the FCP disc and run the installer, typing in your serial number as prompted.

How do you write negative 37 as a fraction?

That's a good question, all you need to do is just put a negative sign before the fraction. So in this case, it would be 37 over 1 with negative sign before it.

Where can I find a laptop that is only used for typing?

Why would you even need a laptop that is only used for typing?

What is a good sentence for insert?

Do you need help to insert that piece?My guess don't blame me.....

How do you put four over five as a fraction on the keyboard?

In many word processors, such as Microsoft Word, the program will automatically turn it into a fraction just by typing with a slash (/) and no spaces: 4/5. If you need to type on something other than a word processor, you can:Write the fraction in after printing(this is what my algebra teacher encourages, actually)Use multiple lines to type the fraction: 4_5Type the fraction using a slash: 4/5

What is the difference between keyboarding and typing?

What is the difference between keyboarding and typing? i need it 4 mon oct.5th

What is 9¼ as a fraction?

9 1/4 already is a fraction; there is no need to convert anything.9 1/4 already is a fraction; there is no need to convert anything.9 1/4 already is a fraction; there is no need to convert anything.9 1/4 already is a fraction; there is no need to convert anything.

How can observations be recorded?

You need to record observations by writing them and typing them.

What does emthusiastic mean?

It means that you need to improve your spelling or typing.

How do you transfer picturse from laptop to 3DS?

You would need to remove the SD card from the 3DS and insert it into a PC that has an inbuilt card reader, or a USB one. Pictures can then be copied across to the SD card before you re-insert it inside the console.

What is the fraction for 31 percent?

The fraction you need is 31/100.

What is an algorithm of inserting elements of link list?

To insert an element in a linked list, you need a pointer to the new element, and a pointer to the target element. Set =, and then set = new. This will insert new after target. To insert before target, you need the pointer to the element brfore target, and you can find that by searching from top until you find an element where == target. To insert at top, a special case, you set = top, and then set top = new.