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you have to add and subtract money

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2007-12-01 03:37:42
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Q: Why do you need to know math to be an accountant?
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What jobs require math?

Accountant, sales, architecture, even football players need to know math!

How long do you need to study to become a accountant?

I am unaware of any schooling criteria that is required to be an accountant. AS far as I know, you just need to have a lot of patience, and be good at math

How does an accountant use math?

An account uses math to be able to give you the financial information you need.

Key skills for an accountant?

You have to know your math and go to college and study accounting

Which subject to you need in High School to be an accountant?

Hi, well all I know is that you should improve in Math subjects. I hope this was a useful information.

what kind of math is used in accountant majors?

Math 1333 or higher is used in a accountant major.

Does a CPA need math?

Yes definitely. Being a CPA or a certified Public Accountant entails Math since it deals with numbers and computations aside from the theory of finances. Basic Math is the foundation of starting to become an accountant.

What requirements need to be satisfied to receive diploma in accounting?

to be come an accountant you are required to know: math & psychology for this job. try looking online this subject there are plenty sources of information online which can guide and help you to become a accountant

What math skills do you need to be an accountant?

Algebra is a requirement and pre-calculus is advised. Business calculus is a good idea too.

Is accounting to do with math?

Accounting does have to do with math. My mom is an accountant and she tells me that she does a lot of math.

What are the subjects needed to become an accountant?

well first of all u would need math and English as well a accounts

How much are accountant and lawyer fees?

I am writing a business plan and I need to know what the average accountant fees are.

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