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How do you say social studies in french?

les sciences humainesle sciences socials= social studies. How I know is from my french teacher, and my french textbook!

What is Zimbabwe's current government system?

parlimentary.....i KNOW this beause my social studies teacher told me...

How did the large number of candidates affect the 1824 election?

How am I supposed to know? I'm not a Social Studies teacher...

Did Madison serve in the military during the revolutionary war?

i dont know ask a social studies teacher

Who migrated into northern India and what is their role in the creation of Hinduism?

i dont know ask your social studies teacher

Did Truman know that pearl harbor was going to happen?

no, be no one was even expecting it -source: my social studies teacher

Why was the Mayan calendar never finished?

it wasnt finished cause this is wht i heard i dnt know if its ture but my Social studies teacher said that they ran out of ink and my Social studies teacher the next year said the people ethat were wringing died but idkk

How do the vitreous humor and the aqueous humor help us see?

you decide i do not know ask you social studies teacher the end!

What action did the American forces take after fighting the battleof Bunker Hill?

I dont know but my social studies teacher knows :)

Why is Alexander the Great important to study?

I don't know!! My Social studies teacher is having us do a whole bunch of stuff about him!!

What were the obstacles to exploration?

Poor navigational tools and maps and ships. Those are the only ones I know, and my social studies teacher expects me to know FIVE!

Which system wouldnbe most profitable for cotton production?

I dont know tell your social studies teacher so dont get mad

What program encouraged businesses to set a minimum wages and abolish child labor?

I don't know . Ask a Social Studies teacher .

Who was Harry Shum Jr S sixth grade teacher?

Dru Riker. i know because shes my sixth grade teacher for social studies!he got far in his life because he had a good teacher :)

What does the high school teacher do?

TEACH and somehow get paid to TEACH! Anyways shouldn't you know what the teacher is doing? or if the teacher is teaching some subject (example Math, Science, Social Studies, etc.) -EAgamer999

What is the answer to m y social studies project?

What makes you think that we know what your social studies project is?

Date of the emancipation proclamation?

It was signed on January 1, 1863. I got the notes from my social studies teacher so i know it's right.

What does history deal with in social studies?

To know information about people, you will need to know about their past or history. That is what Social Studies is about so that is why it has deal with history.

What steps did the congress take to pursue war with Britain?

They used Propaganda so they will make war-I know this for I am a Social Studies teacher for all grades.

Why you study society or social studies?

You study society or social studies because we need to know what used to go on in the world.

What do you do in this career for becoming a science teacher?

you have o be educated and have to know about science to become a science teacher you have o be educated and have to know about science to become a science teacher

Who was the English pirate who led a crew in sailing around the world?

it was either Francis Drake, Walter Raleigh, John White, or Ralph Lane. those were the choices in my test for social studies in Mrs. Yngerto 's test. my social studies teacher and quest teacher in Miami Florida. im also looking 4 the answer. ~Person you wouldn't know~

What does cultural contribution mean?

Miss Kelsey Shoulder "My 9th grade teacher" once told me, if you need to know what cultural contribution means. Ask your 8th grade Social Studies teacher Mr. Waymer by email. She taught Science at the time, but now teaches Social Studies. SSundee once said "You need to learn how to siot" xD

Why is there a social studies class?

for us to know the history

How do you know about the Inuits?

I am learning about them in social studies at school.