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To make two coherent source for interference .Biprism make two sources.

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Q: Why do you use biprism in fresnel biprism experiment?
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Is the fresnel biprism experiment better than young's double slit experiment?

yes,because in fresnel biprism the fringe width can be increased so that the dark and bright fringes can be seen clearly by naked eyes..but there is no such problem in fresnel biprism.. in young's double slit experiment, the pattern is the superposition of interference and diffraction. but in fresnel biprism it is purely interference pattern.

What happens if focal length is increased in fresnel biprism experiment?

separetion between two real images will decreases

What is bench correction in fresnel biprism experiment?

in eyepeace lens is adjusted at some distance while we observe reading at some distane ffrom the eyepeace...this is call bench error

Why do you get straight fringes in fresnel biprism?

. You can read the paper describing how very clear fringes are made by Fresnel biprism well. Paper title : Compact Design of a Nomarski Interferometer and Its Application in the Diagnostics of Coulomb Explosions of Deuterium Clusters

Describe fresnel biprism?

A fresnel biprism is a triangular right prism with a highly obtuse angle in cross-section. The obtuse angle is near 180 degrees. The typical use of such a prism is to produce two coherent "virtual" light sources from one real point source. These virtual sources can be used to demonstrate interference.

Uses of fresnel's biprism?

to determine wavelenghts and interference fringes

What is fresnel's biprism?

Fresnel Bi Prism is to find wavelength of monochromatic light sorce and to determine the thickness thin glass sheet placed on sorce Written by Ajay kumar

Why you use fresnel biprism?

to find wavelength of a monochromatic light source and for determining the thickness of a thin glass sheet when placed between bi prism and screen or eyepiece

What are the uses of biprism?

Uses of biprism

What is a biprism?

A biprism is a fusion of two triangular prisms, or an optical device employing this type of construction.

How do you find wavelength of given light source using fresnel's biprism?

Using biprism interference pattern can be produced. Therefrom the band width beta is to be measured. Now using the formula, beta = lambda*D/d Here lambda is the required wavelength of the source light. D is the distance of the screen from the virtual sources. d is the distance between the two virtual coherent sources. Knowing beta, D and d, required lambda could be calculated.

What do fresnel lights do?

The fresnel lights have fresnel lenses that allow for the light to be softer. The fresnel lights also cast a very soft shadow and capture more of an oblique lighting.