Why does 1000 have 3 0s in it?

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Because if it had 4 zeros it would be ten thousand instead of one thousand and if it had 2 zeros, it would be one hundred instead of one thousand.

It also represents 10 to the third power, or 103

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Q: Why does 1000 have 3 0s in it?
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How many 0s 1's 2's 3's 4's 5's 6's 7's 8's 9's are in 1000?


What do you notice by multiplying numbers by 1000?

The answer is the same number that you started with followed by three 0s.

How many 3 and 4 digit combinations in the number 5000?

One, in each case without leading 0s. 3 and 4 with leading 0s.

What is 4 and 3 over 1000?

4+(3/1000)=4.00300 * * * * * Not quite! The trailing 0s imply a much greater degree of precision than given. Whatis given above is 4 and 300 over 100000. The appropriate level of accuracy is given by 4.003

How many zero's does a plex have?

there are 3 0s in a plex

How many zero are there in 1 megawatt of electricity?

None. You could write is as 1,000 kilowatt and have 3 0s or 1,000,000 watts (6 0s) or 1,000,000,000 milliwatts (9 0s) etc.

What is 3000000 x 1000000?

3,000,000*1,000,000=3,000,000,000,000. Why? An easy way to do it is to take away the 0s, multiply, and then add on the total number of 0s later. Take away the 0s in this expression, evaluate 3*1, which is 3, then add on the 12 0s. After all is done, you get 3,000,000,000,000. Other related questions- What is 3,000,000x1,000,000,000,000?

What is 100 times 253?

The answer would be 25300. An easy trick to learn is to know that when you multiply by 10 or 100 or 1000 etc all you need to do is add the number of 0s with the given number. If you have for example 25.3 instead first instead of adding 0s, the point moves to the right by one, then when you have no number left add the additional 0s. Example 25.34 times 1000 would be 25340

How do you show the work to get the fraction of 0.024?

0.024 has three digits after the decimal point so you need the denominator to be 1 followed by three 0s. That is 0.024 = 024/1000 which simplifies to 3/125

How many significant figures does 3. have?

One - all nonzero digits are significant. Yes, but embeded 0s are also counted. 102 has 3 sig digs. Secondly, trailing 0s (0s on the right hand side of the number) are significant if they are an indication of the degree of accuracy, but not otherwise.

How many bit strings of length 10 have exactly three 0s?

Basically, this is the same as finding the number of distinct ways of arranging seven 1s and 3 0s. That is (10!/7!3!) = (10*9*8)/(3*2*1) = 120. There are 120 bit strings of length 10 with exactly three 0s.

How many 0s in 3 million?

The number three million is 3 followed by six zeroes.

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