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When any thing is heated its volume is increased and as a result of the same its weight is decreased. Weight of a body is the force through which earth pulls it towards it (earth).When a body is bounced its weight resists the bounce. Greater the weight greater will be resistance. Heated bodies due to reduction in weight provide lesser resistance in its bouncing.

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Q: Why does a warm ball bounce higher than a cold ball?
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Will a hot tennis ball bounce higher than a cold tennis ball?

In theory, yes, however the largest effect of the temperature will be on the court. The hotter the surface is, the higher the ball will bounce.

What will bounce higher then a rubber ball?

A glass ball will bounce higher than a rubber one.

Will a basketball bounce higher than a tennis ball or will a tennis ball bounce higher than a basketball?

It really depends how hard you bounce either one, but i think the tennis ball.

Would a frozen golf ball bounce higher than a hot golf ball?

No, the warmer golf ball would bounce higher.

Does a tennis ball bounce higher than other ball?

Yes, It does Alot Higher

Why does a pumped ball bounce higher than a flat ball?

A pumped ball has more air in it to bounce. A flat ball has little air, and has no pressure to bounce off of.

Why do your heavy and light balls not bounce higher than your bouncy ball?

because light ball have more air in them so they bounce higher

Does a frozen bouncy ball bounce higher or lower then an unfrozen bouncy ball?

a frozen bouncy ball will not bounce higher or lower than an unfrozen one it will shatter

Does a tennis ball bounce higher when it is warmer or colder?

Hot. Personal experiments have shown that temperatures below 25°C make the ball bounce less. From 25°C and upwards there aren't any greater changes in height of bounce. The balls bounce almost the same.

Why does a tennis ball bounce higher than a cold one?

b/c the air particles in the ball are moving faster, causing it to b slightly more pressurized

Why does a heated tennis ball bounce higher?

A heated tennis ball bounces higher because the hot air inside the ball is lighter than the air around the ball therefore giving the tennis ball the ability to bounce higher.

Will a ball bounce higher on tile or carpet?

In comparison, a ball will bounce higher on asphalt than grass. The reason is that asphalt is provides a flat and stiffer surface than grass.