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Q: Why does curley say right in the back of the head softly on p 105?
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What does curley wear on his head?

Curley wears a work glove filled with vaseline to keep his hair soft on his head as a fashion statement.

What is to touch softly on the head?


What does candy think that curley plans to do when he finds Lennie?

Candy thinks that Curley plans to shoot Lennie once he finds him, as revenge for Lennie accidentally killing Curley's wife. Candy knows that Curley is angry and vengeful, and he fears for Lennie's safety.

When was Lost My Head... But I'm Back on the Right Track created?

Lost My Head... But I'm Back on the Right Track was created in 1987.

Why does the back of your head hurt when you turn your head to the left or right?

It doesnt hurt

What does it mean to pussyfoot around?

Pussycats walk very softly, so this phrase means to approach a subject softly and circumspectly instead of head-on.

To touch softly as in a on the head?

the awnser is pat

Who how and why did george kill Lennie?

George killed Lennie by shooting him in the back of the head to prevent him from suffering a more violent and painful death at the hands of others. George made the difficult decision out of mercy, knowing that Lennie would face a worse fate if he was caught and killed by a vengeful mob. It was a tragic act of love and sacrifice to spare Lennie from a more cruel end.

Is marx in Kirby right back at ya?

He's pulling the head off it,in Italy right now.

When a person inclines their head do they tilt their head back (up) or forward (down)?

Neither, they incline left or right.

How do you get the pencil in fancy pants?

Punch the left wall & then the right and slam your head into the ground it flies right out of your back

Water leak on the back of the motor?

i have a 98 Cherokee with the 6 cylinder that was leaking at the back of the engine right below the valve cover..there is a rubber freeze plug and it had come loose..from the right side of the vehicle feel the back of the head for bolt head,that is what expands the rubber plug..