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When iron (Fe) rusts, it combines with oxygen (O2) to form various forms of iron oxide such as Fe2O3, Fe3O4, or FeO2. In each of these there are oxygen molecules bonded to the iron. The oxygen comes from the air, water or other solution. So an object which was formally pure iron, once rusted, will contain additional mass from the oxygen and weigh more than it did before.

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Iron gains oxygen/water to become hydrated iron oxide -rust and so weighs more.

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Q: Why does rust weigh more than original powdered iron?
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This reaction occurs more quickly when powdered iron is used instead of a single piece of iron of the same mass because the powdered iron?

A reaction occurs more quickly when powdered iron is used instead of a single piece of iron of the same mass because the powdered iron has a much greater surface area and all chemical reactions take place on surfaces.

When powdered iron is left exposed to air it rest Y is the mass of the rest is greater than the mass of the powdered iron?

I believe the mass is greater as rust is the combination of iron plus oxygen, similarly the smoke and ash from a fire, if collected, would weigh more than the fuel alone before it was burnt. strange but true. Ask a chemistry boffin to prove the maths.

Why does the rusty nail weigh more than the original nail?

rust is iron oxide. so what's happening at the atomic level is oxygen is bonding to the iron. The iron stays with oxygen attached, the oxygen is the increased weight.

Why does powdered iron rust?

Powdered iron rusts more easily because the increased surface area allows for greater exposure to oxygen and moisture, which are the primary causes of rusting. The smaller particles of powdered iron have a larger surface area compared to solid iron, leading to a faster reaction with oxygen and water.

Does iron weigh the same as iron oxide?

The right question should be: Does one mole of iron weigh the same as one mole of iron oxide? The answer is NO, Iron Oxide weighs more.

Why does iron weigh more after it rusts?

because the iron bonds with oxygen, so the weight becomes the original weight of iron plus the original weight of Oxygen.

What is fingerprint powder made of?

Depending upon conditions which might call for more exotic media, the most commonly used substances are powdered graphite and/or powdered iron filings.

Why does a small volume of iron weigh more than a large ball of cotton?

Because iron is much more dense.

Will burnt Iron weigh more or less than unburnt Iron?

The iron the hasn't burnt will less than the one that has burn because the mass is goign more thicker because it is burning

Why does a rusty nail weigh more than the original nail?

Rust is iron oxide, a molecule consisting of iron and oxygen. The mass of the iron in the rust molecules comes from the original nail, but the mass of the oxygen has come from the air. When rust forms on iron, the mass of the iron object is increased by the mass of the oxygen that has combined with some of the iron.

Does a pound of feathers weigh more than a pound of iron what truly is the difference between the two?

Speaking from a weight standpoint a pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of iron. They each weigh 1 pound. However it take many more feathers to weight a pound then chunks (ingots) of iron.

Which weighs more a kg of clothes or a kg of iron?

If they are both a kilogram, then they both weigh the same.