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Q: Why does the electricity in your area go off all the time its happened 3 times this week for about 10 mins each time?
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A circular cherry pie has a diameter of 11 inches and is cut into 8 equal size pieces what is the area of each piece of pie?

Each slice is one-eighth of the total area. The total area is 2 times pi times the radius, or pi times the diameter. The area is then 11pi, or 34.557. Each piece is one-eighth of that, (11/8)pi or 4.319

What is the area of a square that is two inches on each side?

The area is 4 inches. 2x2=4. Length times height.

How many times will Britain fit inside Zambia?

3.1 times but figures differ on area of each land mass!

If each side of a rhombus is doubled how much times will it's area increase?

It will increase to four times as much.

What relationship does electricity and magnetism have with each other?

they both produce electricity.

How many times larger is the area of the larger square in comparison to the smaller square?

If the length of each side of the bigger squares is x times the length of the side of the smaller square, then the area of the bigger square is x2 times the area of the smaller square.

Why do people have to pay for electricity each month?

If you do not pay the electricity bill, the electric company will turn off the electricity.

Lateral surface area of cube?

lateral area of a cube is consisting of 4 times the area of each face, so first calculate the area of a face (side2) then multiply by 4

How do electrons flow on an ac source?

With electricity from the mains, the current chages direction 50 times each second, so it is called alternating current.

What is the area of a square if the perimeter is 32cm?

The area of square is : 1024.0

What is the area of a square if it has a perimeter of 12cm?

The area of square is : 144.0

How do you calculate the area of a 94 inch square?

If each side is 94 inches then its area is 94 times 94 = 8836 square inches