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It will increase to four times as much.

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Q: If each side of a rhombus is doubled how much times will it's area increase?
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If the circumference of a circle is doubled how does the area change?

The area increase by four times.

How does resistivity vary if length and area are doubled?

if length is doubled then resistivity increases&when area is doubled resistivity decreases.

What will happen to the area of a pentagon if the side is doubled?

The area would become four times larger. The area increase is always the perimeter increase, squared. For example. If the sides of a square were quadrupled, the area would become sixteen times larger.

What is thr area of the rhombus shown below AC 17 BD15 AB11.2?

Area of a rhombus: base times perpendicular height Or area of a rhombus: 0.5 times product of its diagonals

How do you do find area of a rhombus in c program?

Area of a rhombus = 0.5 times the product of its diagonals

If the diameter of a circle is doubled does the area increase?

Yes it does. By a factor of 4.

If the liner dimensions of an object are doubled how much dose the total area increase?

If the linear dimensions of a square or a rectangle are doubled, the area of the object will be quadrupled.

If the sides of a triangle are doubled then the area becomes?

If the sides of a triangle are doubled then the area becomes quadrupled (four times as large).

What happens to the area of a triangle if the base is doubled and the height remains the same?

The area should increase.

What happens to the area of a circle when the diameter is doubled?

the area is increased by 4 times

What is the equation for the area of a rombus?

Area of rhombus = 0.5 times the product of its diagonals

What is the surface area of a cube if its edges are doubled?

Surface Area becomes 4 times the original when its edges are doubled because Suraface area = (edge)^2

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