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Q: Why does the linear intercept passing through the graph rarely splits?
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How can a picture graph be misleading?

Very. It is rarely obvious as to whether it is the linear dimension of the picture, its area or the suggested volume that is being compared.

How does heat travel through each state of matter?

Heat propagates through a solid as conduction and rarely direct radiation. Heat propagates through a fluid as conduction, convection and rarely direct radiation.

When a light ray passes obliquely through the atmosphere in an upward direction how does its path generally change?

Most of the time, a light ray passing through the atmosphere in any direction curves away from its original direction toward the earth's surface. Occasionally, light can proceed straight through the atmosphere with no change in direction. Rarely, it can bend away from the surface.

When does it snow in little rock?

Rarely as early as November but it is not uncommon from December through February.

Is capacitor a linear element?

A: capacitor behaves as a linear element as the current is independent of voltage across it. current (as o/p) varies as the time rate of change of voltage across it. so capacitor rarely shows appreciable non linearity, if it is operated in the specified voltage limit

Are cordless telephones secure?

Digital cordless phones are more secure than their analogue counterparts. However - cordless phones are rarely encrypted, and anyone with a little knowledge, and the right equipment could intercept calls.

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a) As this condition is presented very early in life (4-10) and boys would unfortunately die after 1 to 10 years, rarely would any one with this condition have decendents. b) In its adult form (Adrenomyeloneuropathy) its simple (X linked): - a Man will pass it through all her girls and non of his boys - a Woman would have a 50/50 chance of passing it through to their kids either a girl or a boy. Do remember that the condition is developed mainly by males.

How does Paramecium reproduce?

they reproduce through binary fission which is basically asexual reproduction. rarely they reproduce sexually.

Does the brown recluse spider live in Pennsylvania?

They are rarely encountered in pa but can sometimes be transported through shipment

When passing another vehicle can can exceed the posted speed limit?

According to the law: No. In reality: If you have to momentarily exceed the limit to safely pass a slower moving vehicle, the police will rarely stop you.

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I rarely eat chips. I rarely go shopping. I rarely wear shorts. I rarely use the computer.

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Breast milk is a secretion and you do not get the infection through the breast milk. Though this can happen rarely. As anything is possible in biology.

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