Why does why have a y?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: Why does why have a y?
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means y ????????

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(y * x) - y = y * (x - 1)

What is 5y equal to?


What is is the greatest common factor of Y and Y?

GCF(Y, Y) = Y.

What is the implicit differentiation of y equals sin x plus y?

y = sin(x+y) cos( x + y )[(1 + y')] = y' cos(x + y ) + y'cos(x + y ) = y' y'-y'cos( x+ y) = cos( x + y ) y'[1-cos(x+y)]= cos(x+y) y'= [cos(x+y)]/ [1-cos(x+y)]

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X + Y⁶X + Y * Y * Y * Y * Y * Y

What does y x y eqeal?

Y squared (Y^2)

What is the value of y in y Y Y?

The answer is 37478482993

What is y squared multiplied by y cubed?

y^2 X y^3 = y^(2 + 3) = y^5 You can only do this if the coefficient 'y' is the same for both terms. Remember y^2 = y X y y^3 = y X y X y Hence y^2 X y^3 = y X y X y X y X y = y^5 Similarly for division/subtraction y^3 / y^2 = y^(3 - 2 ) = y^1 = y The power of '1' is trivial and not normally shown. NB You CANNOT do z^2 X y^3 by adding the indices. z^2 X y^3 is (z^2)*(y^3)