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check your ball joints

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Q: Why does your truck make a clunking sound near the front wheels when you turn left or right and is it related to the new clutch installed two months ago at 180000 miles?
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What if your 91 firebird formula 5.0 has a clunking noise as the car speed goes below 30MPH If you press in the clutch before it drops below 30MPH the clunking noise does not happen?

If there is a clunking noise on a 1991 Firebird Formula 5.0 when going below 30 mph, and the clunking noise does not happen when the clutch is depressed, it is probably a problem with the flywheel. The flywheel moves freely when the clutch is depressed. When the clutch is not depressed, it could be that something is rubbing on the flywheel, like the clutch plate.

How would a clutch disk be checked to make sure that it is installed the right way?

If the disc is installed correctly the clutch will engage and disengage smoothly. In most cases if the disc is installed backwards the clutch disc will bind against the flywheel/crankshaft bolts and not release resulting with a clutch that doesn't disengage. More than likely if the disc was installed backwards the disc is now damaged and will need to be replaced.

Your land rover box is clunking is it the transmission box?

usually if it clunks on clutch release its the a frame ball joint on the rear axle

Why would a brand new clutch slip?

Possibly the clutch was installed facing the wrong way, or the clutch has not had enough time to properly seat.

Should the ac compressor make squeaking and clunking noises smells like the clutch is burning but it still is working There is a dispersal of fine red dust all around the clutch housing?

No, it sounds like the compressor is failing.

If you installed a stage 3 clutch on your trans am would it give it more horse power?

No, a clutch has nothing to do with effeciency of the engine.

How much for a tayota Celica clutch?

I live in Kansas City and paid about $800 for a new clutch, installed, on my 1990 Celica GTS.

On A 1988 Ford F-Super Duty new clutch installed by amateurs just prior to purchase pedal is very low and very hard shifting when hot?

If you have hydraulic clutch there is air in the lines and needs bled. If not hydraulic it could be a stretched cable, a bent clutch fork, or they have installed a clutch for a different model.

Clutch adjustment on 91 Mazda Navajo?

It may be as simple as an auto adjustment. If you have installed a new clutch/ clutch cable. If it is auto adj all you have to do is lift UP on the clutch pedal with your foot while driving.

How do you break in a stock new clutch on a Chevy?

If it was installed properly there is no need to break it in.

How do you adjust the clutch on a 1985 bronco II?

there is really no adjustment that can be made, because it is a hydraulic system, the only thing that can be done is to have a new clutch installed.

You have a 98 cavalier 5 speed and had the clutch go out you had it replaced and it went out again in 500 miles any reasons why it would do this?

Installed incorrectly, driver who rides the clutch, clutch out of adjustment, weak pressure plate, that should have been replaced along with the clutch.

Clutch Installation?

form_title=Clutch Installation form_header=Have a clutch installed on your vehicle. What type of engine is in the vehicle?=_ Are you restoring a car or renovating?= () Yes () No What type of driving will you do?= {(),City,Highway,Rural,City and Highway,Rural and Highway}

Why wont my 68 VW Beetle go into gears while the car is on?

The clutch is shot or in need of an adjustment.

Why would the clutch pedal of a 1987 Nissan 300ZX non turbo go to the floor and stay there when there was no slippage in the clutch during drive?

Clutch release bearing, if installed in this particular Nissan transmission (I don't know the specifics of this particular transmission), probably needs to be replaced. Clutch release bearing, if installed in this particular Nissan transmission (I don't know the specifics of this particular transmission), probably needs to be replaced.

Which way is the clutch installed on a 1994 Toyota pickup which way do you face the springs on the clutch to the pressure plate or to the fly wheel?

Just make the clutch pads line up with the clutch disk. the pressure plate can only go on one way due to the positioning dowels

93tercel new clutch kit installed i have a problem getting the car into gear without stalling when i push the clutch it does not want to disengage the tranny all the way once u get in gear it stalls?

clutch needs adjusting,or if a hydraulic operated clutch, the system needs proper bleeding

Why would the newly replaced clutch on a 1997 Isuzu Rodeo not depress without a ton of force and actually feel like it is pushing back at a certain point?

Something is installed incorrectly. Most likely you did not install the "Pull clutch" properly. With a 1997 Rodeo clutch, the release bearing actually snaps into the ring in the clutch, and when the clutch is depressed the release bearing pulls the clutch, rather than the standard "Push clutch" model. So, when you are depressing the pedal, the clutch is not being pulled away, giving you the hard pedal feel. Make sure when installing your release bearing that you remove the small ring from the back of the connector ring on the clutch before you insert the release bearing, and then snap it back on after the release bearing is completely installed or the clutch will not work properly.

How does the clutch on a John Deere gator work?

Check out the related link and look under centrifugal clutch. It is surprising that the same clutch in a chain saw is in a John Deere Gator.

Cost for clutch replacement on accord?

Honda Accord clutch replacement prices depends on several condition such as the location, type of clutch being installed, and mechanic doing the work. On average the clutch replacement take between 4 and 5 hours. The average cost of mechanical labor in 2014 is between $50 and $100.

The clutch on my 1995 ford ranger wont release after i bled it the pedal moves fine but it doesn't engage the clutch so i cant take it out of gear?

Assuming you mean the clutch won't disengage and the system has been bled properly, the pressure plate may be damaged or the clutch disc is installed backwards (if the clutch was just replaced). Also, with some vehicles the clutch master cylinder has to be bench bled before installation.

Why is Ford 5.4 pressure plate breaking?

Could be,Installed incorrectly, Inferior clutch parts, Abuse, (most likely).

Are Spyro and Cynder related?

Yes, Spyro and Cynder are related, since they were born in the same clutch of dragon eggs.

Why wont your shifter go in gear after installing clutch kit on a 1989 ford ranger truck?

if you had this same problum befor u installed the new clutch the trans is stuck betten gears if you can push the clutch in and the veh will roll andyou cant shift it you just mite have put the clutch back word now till me dose you clutch peddle stay on the floor when you push it in?

How do you adjust a clutch on a 93 Nissan truck?

Haydraulic brakes cant be adjust,check your clutch master cylinder for leaks,also look where it comes thru firewall to clutch pedal for leaks,check slave cylinder for leaks,its bolted onto transmission with clutch line connected to it,if any of these parts leak,replace,if no leak is found,then you will need new clutch kit installed.