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Probably for the same reason that it's called a "circle of life" even though there are obviously so many "blockheads" out there. ;)

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Q: Why don't they make a food rectangle instead of a pyramid Rectangles Rule?
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What 4 shapes make a rectangle?

i really dont know about that one but yeah rectangles RULE !

What is the formula of the rectangle based pyramid?

A "formula" is some mathematical rule for calculating something you wish to know. So "the formula of the rectangle-base pyramid" will be some expression which tells you something that you want to know about it. Beyond that there is no way anyone can tell you, since you do not say what feature of the pyramid you are thinking about (height, volume, surface area, weight...).

What do you call a quadrilateral having 4 angles that are congruent?

A rectangle is a quadrilateral with 4 right angles (90 degrees) and two sets of parallel lines. The definition of a rectangle includes the the shape of a square, but a square has an added rule, that all sides must be equal. So a square is a rectangle. Oblong is a term for non-square rectangles.

Are all rectangels regular?

It depends on what you consider a rectangle.A square is a special type of rectangle (and not vise versa).If you go by that a rectangle is simply a four-sided figure, then you go by that a square is a spacial type of rectangle that has all sides congruent. If this is the case, then no, not all rectangles are regular as a "regular" rectangle would be considered a square. A rectangle is a parallelogram (and not vise versa).If you go by that a four-sided figure is called a parallelogram, then there are more rules you go by. You would say that there are three spacial types of parallelograms. One is a rhombus, a parallelogram with four congruent sides. The second is a rectangle, a parallelogram with four right-angles. The third is a special type of parallelogram as well as a rhombus. A square is a parallelogram with four equal sides and four right-angles. A square is also classified as a rhombus with four right-angles. In this case, no, a square would be a regular rectangle.A rectangle is a four-sided figure.If you go by the rule that a square is not a rectangle, then yes, all rectangles are regular, unless you think a parallelogram is a type of rectangle, in that case, no.

What is the rule for finding the area of a rectangle?

Length times width.

What is the rule for working out the area of a rectangle?

Length x width

Instead of being a government based on the rule of the king it was based upon the rule of the?

instead of being a government based on the rule of the king it was based upon the rule of the majorityMajority

What is the rule for finding surface area for a rectangle?

length times width

What is erected in Egypt Is it the Great Pyramid?

The Great Pyramid, built under the rule of Pharaoh Khufu, is located in modern Cairo.

How big is the bent pyramid?

The height of the Bent Pyramid is 332 feet and its base is 619 feet. This pyramid was built under the rule of Pharaoh Sneferu around 2600 BC.

What is the rule for the perimeter of a rectangle?

The perimeter of a rectangle is found by the following formula: (Length x 2) + (Width x 2) or Length + Length + Width + Width.

What is the area of a rectangle whose length is 9cm and whose width is 8cm?

A rectangle must have two pairs of equal sides. So to find the area of a rectangle, the rule is just length x width.8x9 = 72cm^2

Who overthrew mongol rule in Russia?

There was not one individual or group that overthrew Mongol rule in Russia. Instead, the Mongol empire died out instead of being overthrown.

Explain how energy is transferred up an energy pyramid?

The basic rule of thumb is that there is 1/10th the amount of energy available at each higher level of the energy pyramid.

Can you a rule for the perimeter of a rectangle where b is equal to base and h is equal to height?


Why can't women rule the world?

We are! Who told you otherwise? We are just not as obvious as men and rule the men instead.

What kingdom did Khufu rule?

He ruled the Old Kingdom! He was famous for building the very first Egyptian pyramid!

What was the Khufu contribution to Egyptian culture during his rule?

he built the tallest pyramid in the world at his point in time

What is Imperial Bureaucracy?

when gov. officials rule instead of a leader

Are rectangles always similar to each other?

Similar shapes need to have the same number of sides, the same angles and the ratio of the sides needs to be the same. Rectangles are not always similar to each other because they can have different dimensions, which would break the "same ratio" rule.

When foreigners govern colony instead of local it is called?

direct rule

Who invented the Five second rule?

There's no specific group or individual who invented the five second rule. Instead, the five second rule was part of folklore and it is a myth.

Words to write a rule for calculating the area of a parallelogram?

base times height just like a rectangle easy right

What is the 10 percent rule in the energy pyramid?

This rule means that only 10% of the energy is transferred from one trophic level to the next. By consuming Primary producers one will have the most energy.

What is a rule for finding the number of rectangles of different shape that have a given perimeter?

The number of such rectangles is always infinite.Select any length, B such that 0 < B &le; P/2 units of length and let L = P/2 - B.Then a LxB rectangle has perimeter 2*(L+B) = 2*(P/2 - B + B) = 2*(P/2) = P.B was chosen arbitrarily from an infinite number of possible values and so there are infinitely many possible solutions.See discussion section for further thoughts.