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It's a damn good play.

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Q: Why has been adapted so many times over the past 400 years?
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The times spelling bee has been around many years. Some people think 5.

Is Alice in Wonderland a play?

Alice in Wonderland was originally a novel by Lewis Carroll, but it has been adapted into a play many times by many different people.

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3 times over a period of 10 years

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54 years

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it started from mini microbes that adapted in to creatures and adapted in to many creatures then after about 100 billion years a creature adapted into a dinosaur

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In the 210+ years of the United States the constitution has been amended 27 times.

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Italy has been in the cup for 13 years.

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There have been many years that Easter has fallen in the month of March. Some of these years were 1839, 1918, 1991, 2002 and 2013.

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Why has Macbeth been adapted so many times over the past 400 years?

It's a damn good play.

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In his 12 years (11 as starter) as an NFL QB, Tom Brady has been sacked 276 times

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Genocides have been happening throughout human history, from ancient times, up to modern times, so it has been happening in many, many years.

Why were there so many wars in ancient Greek times?

It is the nature of mankind. How many years has there been no war in the last hundred years.

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The Packers have been in the playoffs 27 years, from 1936 - 2011.

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yes, the pear has been around for many years.

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== == 94 (ninety-four) times.

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