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A non-zero rational number (10) multiplied by an irrational number (pi) is always irrational.

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Q: Why is 10 pi irrational?
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Can you add two positive irrational numbers to get an rational number?

Sure; for example, 10 + pi is irrational, 10 - pi is irrational. Both are positive. If you add them, you get 20.

Can 2 irrational numbers add together to form a rational?

Yes. For example: a = 10 - pi b = pi Both are irrational; the sum a + b is 10.

Is 10 times pi rational?

No because the value of pi as regards to a circle is an irrational number

Is pi plus pi a rational or irrational number?

It is irrational, just like pi

Is pi divided by 2 rational or irrational?

If a numerator and/or denominator in a fraction is irrational, the entire fraction is irrational. Since pi is irrational, pi divided by two is also irrational.

Is 3 pi irrational?

Pi, is an irrational number (it cannot be written as a fraction) For this reason, 3 times pi is also irrational.

Can the quotient of any two irrational numbers be irrational?

It can. pi / sqrt(5) = an irrational number. However, it doesn't have to be: pi / pi = 1.

Is the square of pi a rational or irrational nuymber?

The square of pi is an irrational number.

Is -2 Pi rational or irrational?

It is irrational

Is 2 pi a rational number?

No, since Pi is an irrational number, 2(pi) would still be irrational.

When Lambert proves pi is irrational?

Johann Lambert proved that pi is irrational in 1761.

What are the factors and prime factors of pi?

Pi is irrational. Irrational numbers, by definition, have no factors.

Is pi a recurring decimal a terminating decimal or an irrational number?

Pi is an irrational number

Is 10x 3.14 irrational?

The product of two rational numbers, as in this example, is always RATIONAL.However, if you mean 10 x pi, pi is irrational; the product of a rational and an irrational number is ALWAYS IRRATIONAL, except for the special case in which the rational number is zero.

What does pattern do with pi?

There is no pattern in pi. it is irrational

Why is pi a rational number?

Pi is irrational.

Can the quotient of two irrational numbers be rational?

Yes. 2*pi is irrational, pi is irrational, but their quotient is 2pi/pi = 2: not only rational, but integer.

Why is PI a rational or irrational number?

pi is an irrational number. It is irrational because it cannot be expressed as a ratio of two integers.

What is an example of irrational?

pi is an example of an irrational number.

What is pi an irrational number?

Yes, it is an irrational number.

Is 2 pi rational or irrational?

It is an irrational number

Is 1 - pi rational or irrational?

It is an irrational number

What is pi to the last digit?

There is no "last digit" of pi. Pi is irrational. Irrational numbers go in forever; like infinity

Is 3 times pi an irrational number?

Since pi is irrational, any multiple of it is too.

Is pi is rational or irrational?

-Pi is irrational, because it does not terminate or repeat. Whenever you multiply an irrational number by a rational number (-1), the result is an irrational number.