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A non-zero rational number (10) multiplied by an irrational number (pi) is always irrational.

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Q: Why is 10 pi irrational?
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Can you add two positive irrational numbers to get an rational number?

Sure; for example, 10 + pi is irrational, 10 - pi is irrational. Both are positive. If you add them, you get 20.

Can 2 irrational numbers add together to form a rational?

Yes. For example: a = 10 - pi b = pi Both are irrational; the sum a + b is 10.

Is 10 times pi rational?

No because the value of pi as regards to a circle is an irrational number

Is pi plus pi a rational or irrational number?

It is irrational, just like pi

Is pi divided by 2 rational or irrational?

If a numerator and/or denominator in a fraction is irrational, the entire fraction is irrational. Since pi is irrational, pi divided by two is also irrational.

Is 3 pi irrational?

Pi, is an irrational number (it cannot be written as a fraction) For this reason, 3 times pi is also irrational.

Can the quotient of any two irrational numbers be irrational?

It can. pi / sqrt(5) = an irrational number. However, it doesn't have to be: pi / pi = 1.

Is the square of pi a rational or irrational nuymber?

The square of pi is an irrational number.

Is ฯ€(pi) rational or irrational?


Is -2 Pi rational or irrational?

It is irrational

Is 10x 3.14 irrational?

The product of two rational numbers, as in this example, is always RATIONAL.However, if you mean 10 x pi, pi is irrational; the product of a rational and an irrational number is ALWAYS IRRATIONAL, except for the special case in which the rational number is zero.

Is 2 pi a rational number?

No, since Pi is an irrational number, 2(pi) would still be irrational.

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