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It is a standard construction measurement. Most homes have studs at 16 inch intervals.

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Q: Why is 16 inch marked in inch tape?
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How long is 1516th of an inch?

were is 15/16" of an inch on the measure tape

What is the mark at every 16 inch in measuring tape?

The stud distance in houses.

What is 4 marks on the inch part using the 16th of an inch part on a tape measure converted into inch fractions?

if each mark is 1/16 inch then 4 marks is 4/16 inch = 1/4 inch

What is the smallest length marked on a 12 inch ruler?

A millimeter, as almost every 12 inch ruler has centimeters and millimeters on the opposite side of where inches are marked.

If someone is 63 inches and measure one mark less than a half what is that inquemet just before the half mark?

It depends on the measuring instrument (tape or ruler) being used. Some are marked in 1/8 inch, some in 1/10 inch, some in 1/16 inch and, rarely for such long rulers, 1/32 inch.

What does .15 look like on a tape measure?

Well, .125 is 1/8 of an inch. If the tape measure is marked in sixteenths, 1/8 would be the 2nd line from the beginning of an inch. Then estimate or eyeball 1/4 of the way to the next line and that is rougly .15 on a tape measure. This is how I would figure this out. If someone knows a better way, please share.

Why 16 inch mark provided on measuring tape?

Because that is a common stud placing in frame buildings.

What can you measure with a tape measure?

Lengths - in units that are marked on the tape measure.

What is the meaning of the mark in every 16 inch in a measuring tape?

mujhe nhi pta..inch tape waalon ne chutiya kaat rakha hai.......maul lo roj lo....jai gyan devta....jai badhra kali...

What is inch tape?

The standard width of tape - it measures one inch across. Other common sizes are 1/2" (12mm) or 2" (50mm)

How many sixteenths are there in inch?

there are 16 in an inch. 16/16 = a whole.

What is the shell size for an hr 349 shot gun?

What is marked on the barrel? The 349 Gamester was made in both 12 and 16 guage, and should take 2 3/4 inch shells- but use the guage marked on the barrel.