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it is the first number

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Q: Why is 1 called a special number?
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Is 1 is neither prime nor composite then what is 1?

1 is a special number. literally that's what 1 is called.

Is 1 a prime or composite number then what is it?

the number 1 is a special number. The number 1 is a confusing number to deal with, but it is called a special number.Example: Is 1 prime or composite? It is neither.

What is the special number of the prime number?


Is 1 is a composite number?

The number 1 is not prime or composite. It is a special number.

What is the special name for the number 1?

Multiplicative identity. Because for any number a, 1*a = a

What is a 26 digit number called?

Just that - a 26-digit number. There is no special name for that.

What is so special about number 1?

1 is the smallest natural number. 1 is the factor of every number. 1 is neither prime nor composite.

Is 1 prime or composite or neither?

the number 1 is neither. it is a special number. prime, nor composite.

What is the number called if it has 26 digits?

There is no special name for that. Just call it a "26-digit number".

What is the special name of 1H H-1?

Isotopes are forms of the same element containing the same number of protons but different number of neutrons in their nuclei. 1H H-1 is an isotope of hydrogen called protium.

What are the release dates for Number One Special - 2012?

Number One Special - 2012 was released on: USA: 1 April 2012

What is you called when the prime factorization of a number is 1 and itself?

You is called a prime number!You is called a prime number!You is called a prime number!You is called a prime number!

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