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Why is a wheel round?

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Because when it is turning , the ocntact point with the ground is at a constante distance from the centre of the wheel.

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Was the first wheel round?

Well, at least round-ish. It has to be fairly round to work as a wheel.

What goes round and round and round?

a wheel.

Is wheel good invention?

yes, wheel round. wheel good

How does the giant wheel move?

By going round and round

What is the fulcrum of the wheel?

it is the part to turn the gear round and round

What is round two of game of Wheel of Fortune?

Jackpot round

What kind of firework spins round and round?

A Catherine wheel

What is a good title for a project about the ferris wheel?

A good title for a project about the ferris wheel would be "Round and Round It Goes".

How is a Pulley like a Wheel and Axle?

They both have a wheel. They are both round.

Is a tire considered as a wheel?

It's round and it rolls probably a wheel

What is round two of the game of Wheel of Fortune called?

Lightning Round

What is round two of a game of Wheel of Fortune called?

Jackpot Round

What is a round thing with spokes?

A wheel

What is the meaning of wheel?

The meaning of wheel is:one of the round parts underneath a car, wagon, etc., that rolls and allows something to movea hard, round object that turns and causes machinery or a mechanical device to movesomething that is round like a wheel or that turns like a wheel

What is a wheel or axle?

A wheel is a round device that is fitted with a tire. The wheel rotates on the hub attached to the axle.

What is another name for a wheel barrow wheel?

a round obgect that goes on a wheelbarrow

Something round that starts with the letter w?

A wheel is round and starts with W.

What steering wheel is best for drifting?


What is a object that is round with spokes?

a bicycle wheel?

What is the round rubber part of a wheel?


Something round that starts with w?


Why is a cyclone a cyclone?

Cyclone is a cyclone because in affects in the round stage like cycle and its wheel round and round.

How has wheel affected the society?

Its spun us right round, baby right round

Why round shape of wheel has made instead of square?

A round wheel will roll; a square won't, or not without a great deal of effort. It's easier to move a round object than a square one.

What is the definition of wheel and axle?

A wheel is a round device to roll a vehicle on. The wheel rotates around the axle which is fixed to the vehicle.