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Alpha radiation cannot get pass through our body as it cannot penetrate through things. Beta can penetrate through things better than alpha. So if alpha is inside our body then it cannot get outside our body and therefore it becomes dangerous.

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Q: Why is alpha radiation more dangerous than beta rediation when the source of the radiation is inside the body?
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Which is the most dangerous type of nuclear radiation if the source is outside the body?


What is internal radiation?

In internal radiation therapy a source of radioactivity is surgically placed inside the body near the cancer

Is there more severe radiation than gamma?

It depends on the strength of the active source. Alpha radiation is dangerous if it gets inside your body, gamma will penetrate your clothing and body if energetic enough, so it's difficult to give an answer that covers all cases. Health physicists have to consider each type of radiation on its merits.

Why workers work far from the source of radiation?

Radiation is dangerous ... Too much kills but even small amounts may eventually cause cancer. Radiation levels decrease as does gravity with the square of the distance from the source. At twice the distance, the rad level becomes 1/4 th as much.

What are the negative effects of alpha radiation?

Alpha radiation can be harmful if ingested or inhaled, as it can damage cells and DNA, leading to an increased risk of cancer. However, alpha particles can be stopped by a sheet of paper or human skin, so they are not as dangerous as other types of radiation unless the source is inside the body.

Why is it more dangerous to be exposed to weak x-ray source than to a strong infrared source?

Infrared radiation only affects the surface of the skin... x-rays penetrate much further.

Why is it more dangerous to be exposed to a weak X-ray source than a strong infrared source?

Infrared radiation only affects the surface of the skin... x-rays penetrate much further.

What is the fundamental source of electromagnetic radiation?

the fundemental source of electromagnetic radiation is an ionic explosion

What are the source of radiation?

Cosmic radiation External terrestrial and internal radiation

Will doubling the source of radioactivity halve the radiation intensity?

No, doubling the source of radioactivity will not halve the radiation intensity. Radiation intensity is directly proportional to the amount of radioactive material present. So doubling the source will double the radiation intensity.

What does the uniformity of cosmic radiation imply about its source?

The source of cosmic background radiation filled the entire universe.

Are curling irons a source of radiation?

Curling irons are not a source of radiation. They use heat to style the hair, which is a form of thermal energy, not radiation.